Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break in Florida: Disney's Hollywood Studios

We got to Disney's Hollywood Studios when it opened Friday morning (well, when it opened for non-magical hour people). We took Adam's very good advice and went straight to the Pixar section and got fast passes for the Toy Story ride.

watching some green army men do their thingThey ran out of fast passes pretty fast. When we got to go on it was really fun. It was probably the most fun ride that Kiree got to go on. Next we headed over to the Studio Backlot Tour. We were the first in line for the next tour (we just barely missed one). I was amazed to see how long that line got later in the day. I was really happy that there were things we could all do together. Later in the day we went on more rides that Kiree couldn't go on. She was kind of sad about that. When we finally went to do a rider swap, we found out that it was actually a little pass, like a fast pass, but you could use it for up to three people. That was really nice once we figured it out and had Amber with us the next day!

Some of the "rides" were shows like the Muppet Vision 3-D. It was pretty fun and the girls seemed to like it even though they didn't really know who all the muppets were.After we saw the one show about animation, we waited in line to see the characters from Up. This was probably the longest line I personally waited in during our whole time at Disney. Kiree was not a big fan of the costume character people at this point. She was a little freaked out by the Up people. At least Bob took her around to the displays near the line while Jaide and I waited.

We decided not to wait in another line to take a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. We still got a picture with them, sort of..

We visited the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area which was kind of cool. We should probably show the kids that movie sometime before they forget this experience. Perhaps we should also explain what a roll of film is- that is what this slide Kiree was going down was supposed to look like. I think they got the gist of the giant supersoaker without too much explanation.

Kiree fell asleep as we were going to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (and no strollers allowed inside) so Bob ended up taking her around while Jaide and I went to the show. It's kind of funny how they herd people like cattle at Disney, but I guess that's what you have to do when there's so many people. At church today the bishop mentioned how our ward has gotten big and we need to scoot in to the middle to fit more people in. Bob and I were saying maybe they need to get some people like they have at Disney- 'everybody scoot as far as you can to the left, we need every last inch!'

Anyway, Bob took sleeping Kiree around for a little while, eventually getting into a line to take a picture with Mike and Sully from Monsters INC. She woke up after a not too long nap. Kiree was okay taking a picture in the safety of her stroller.

Bob was our fastpass man. He kept track of when we could get more and ran and got them all for us.

Kiree and I waiting while Jaide and Bob went on the Star Wars ride. Kiree's Mater (or Motor depending on who you ask) cup from the Disney Store clearance section.We ended up having fastpass times fairly close together, so we got to go on several rides pretty much in a row. Jaide really lucked out, since with rider swaps, she got to go on some rides twice in a row. Jaide went with Bob on the Rockin' Rollercoaster and enjoyed it very much but when she and I tried to go on, they actually measured her and found her too short. I guess she is not 48 Disney inches tall yet (Six Flags thought she was). Somehow Bob lost our Tower of Terror fastpasses, but fortunately for us the regular line wasn't very long when we headed over there. Bob and Jaide waited in the line, then Jaide and I used the rider swap pass. Jaide was a little scared at first, but when Bob let her know it wasn't real (not a real haunted hotel), she decided that it was her favorite ride. Kiree was sad she couldn't go on this ride that Jaide liked so much. Just four more inches Kiree!

The original plan was to go home at dinner time and eat at the hotel. We had packed lunch but nothing else. And basically we're cheapskates and weren't going to buy food at the park. But we decided that we should stay to see the Fantasmic show since I had read that it was good and that it wasn't put on every night. The plan became that Bob would go back to the hotel and bring food. The girls decided they wanted to stay and see the Beauty and the Beast show. I think the real reason for that was because Jaide said something about there being popcorn at the show and they were both hungry at that point (it was dinnertime). Well there wasn't popcorn and tragically I didn't even have any way to buy any food, popcorn or otherwise. All I had when Bob left was the diaper thing, water bottles, and my nearly dead cell phone. I felt like the worst person in the world when I couldn't feed my poor hungry children as we waited for Bob outside the Fantasmic show. We didn't know if he'd make it back before the show. Fortunately he did and boy did we scarf that food down when he got there. We ended up having to stand in the standing section since it was so late, but we just sat on the ground and ate until the show started. I learned my lesson and kept cash on me the next day, but of course didn't need it.

Picture from Disney's site
Jaide loved the show. It was Mickey Mouse facing all the Disney villans with his sorcerer hat and fireworks and water and several Disney princesses on boats and fireworks too. Bob held Kiree the whole time and I held Jaide. It was cute to hear Jaide's reactions to the show. "Oh no Mickey! Behind you, run!" and at the end, "Yay Mickey!"

After the show, and a small amount of drama getting the stroller back, we wandered back to the Pixar area (still a huge long line at the Toy story ride at the end of the day!) and ended up going through the Prince Caspian thing (kinda lame) with a sleeping Kiree in Bob's arms. On our way out of the park we stopped near the giant sorcerers hat for some pictures.I wasn't the smart one who figured out how to get the picture to come out right, Bob did, but in the better picture, lighting-wise, of me with the kids I look psycho for some reason, so there you go.
We sure had a lot of fun though and did everything we had wanted to do there (which was just about everything).
A full day at Disney really tuckered the girls out. Aren't they cute?
Yeah, I couldn't do it in three posts, I'll try and wrap it up tomorrow.

Next: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and going home


Meg said...

I made the pictures bigger this time. I don't know if that will affect being able to make them fullsized by clicking on them or not, but hopefully they're a bit easier to see as they are.

Hules said...

Is the Nemo ride still there? I think it's at Epcot. Now that one they really make you want to feel like you're squished in a bowl with a thousand fish/people. I think it's a good thing you don't have to use every inch at church.

Fantasmic actually scared my girls. Those villains were pretty frightenening to them at age 4&2. Now it is a different story.

Have fun on your trip! Sounds like the best is yet to come! I LOVED the DW parade... And if you get a chance schedule a lunch at the Crystal Palace. They have an amazing all-you-can-eat lunch with Winnie the Pooh characters. It's seriously good food, too.

Hules said...

Oh, and make sure one of the nights you see the fireworks at Epcot. They light up Epcot & the lake. So worth it!

Cindy said...

I love the pictures, especially the last one of the girls. I'm glad you guys had so much fun.

BrookieT said...

I enjoyed reading your posts of your trip to Orlando. We are planning a trip later this year, so I was really getting lots of good tips! If only we had the same connections! (We missed getting tickets by a day form the Disney "Give a day get a day" thing. bummer!) Can't wait!