Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Things Done

This week I gave Kiree her first haircut. I trimmed her bangs and cut some in the back. Kiree wanted me to put her hair up in a ponytail after I cut it. I think her hair looks a little more curly now that I've cut the part in the front which was the straightest part.

I finally finished painting the kitchen cabinets and we got them all back together this week. The sink cabinet is mostly done. All that's left is putting something in the bottom of it (probably some of whatever flooring we end up using), better securing the middle part of the cabinet face, and touching up the paint Bob accidentally scratched off part of it. Bob put the false drawer fronts back up with the tilt kits, so now they are tilt out sink drawers! Woo Hoo! I figured out just today that I could put all the kitchen washcloths in the one.

Next to all of that now white cabinetry, the almond colored dishwasher was looking very ugly. I decided to try and paint it. My first thought was to paint the bottom white and the top (but not the control panel) black. I cleaned and sanded the bottom part. The part at the very bottom that came off was really easy to paint. The main front panel doesn't come off, so I had to cover everything up all around it and spray it in place. I oversprayed on the one side and then tried to wipe it with a paper towel. Then I just had a mess on my hands from there on out. I kept trying to fix it, but then I ran out of spray paint. I bought a can of el cheapo white spray paint and after the first was dry, I sanded it a bit and sprayed it up some more. I don't think I shook the second can well enough and it just came out weird and ran all over. It was a big mess and the kitchen was just a fog of white stinkyness by the end. I just let it be.

Yesterday I decided to try out painting the top part. The panel is metal, but the top part is plastic. So after I scrubed it well with a brillo pad and wiped it clean, I sprayed it with a clear spray primer for plastics. After that dried, I sprayed it with some black spray paint. I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think I might spray the rest of it black later on (I'll have to try and remove the white paint and maybe prime it too).

If you look closely at the dishwasher, you can see the streaks of beige poking through. The control panel is beigey too- that's why I wasn't going to paint the top white.

Now that the cabinets are "done" we can replace the countertops. We went to a granite place near our house yesterday to check them out. We need to get a few more quotes and actually decide what kind we want to get. I think I'm going to have to make a post to request opinions. We also visited one of the Habitat for Humanity ReStores on Saturday. The girls got free flashlights, that was nice of them. We bought a towel rack and a tp holder for the bathroom and some caulk. They had a lot of used ovens, but no dishwashers. They also had cabinets- used and new, various building materials, and even furniture.
Jaide wanted to be in the picture I was taking of the cabinets, she was jumping up and down- hence the hair.
I promised the girls that we would do something fun if they were good during our "boring stuff" on Saturday. So Saturday night we got some tacos from Taco Bell and took them to the park for a picnic. After we ate, the girls played and played on the playground. Kiree did great all on her own. Jaide did stick with her a lot of the time too. Bob and I got to sit and talk while they played. Jaide went across the monkey bars all by herself for the first time. She is strong!


kathy said...

Those cabinets look great! Rusty and I think you should leave the dishwasher as is. It looks really good too. I'm so impressed with all your handy work.
But we've heard bad stuff about granite countertops. I guess some of them emit radon? I'll have to find the articles we read on that. Don't ask me why we were looking into granite... we can't remember.
Kiree's haircut turned out really cute. I can't believe that's her first one. We've cut Asher's hair twice now. Of course, he is a boy.

Emily Petty said...

Wow - you guys are impressive! I can't really do any of that stuff (haircuts, home improvements) myself. I think your cabinets and dishwasher look great!