Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two weeks in Four random paragraphs

Two weeks ago, I finally crossed something off my list that I'd been meaning to do for a long time. I went down to the cannery and got some pre-canned wheat. Then last weekend Bob and I cleaned out the basement closet to stick the cans of wheat in the back (the closet is under the stairs, it gets smaller as you go back into it). The closet must not have liked this getting organized business because it fought back, whacking me in the head with one of it's shelves. I actually had a bleeding wound and a huge lump. But then my skin was nice enough to get zitty near that healing spot, so no one even noticed!

Yesterday we went to Six Flags. We had a fun time. We had a somewhat unusual experience on one ride. We went on this big innertube raft ride that makes you really dizzy (it just spins the whole way down). I went on it a second time with the girls while Bob went on a rollercoaster. At the end of the ride while we were waiting to get back to the station, they shut the ride down. I still don't know why. But we were stuck waiting for a long time, just 10 ish feet from the loading area. I'm glad we got in the tube with those three highschool kids though, since if we'd waited for the next one, we would have been stuck in the tube way up on the slide. Those guys had to climb a big ladder, high in the air and walk back down the conveyor belt. Eventually a maintenance guy got us out and they took down our names (still don't know why on that one either).

While we were sitting in our raft stuck with teenagers, Kiree kept picking her nose. I kept grabbing her arm away and telling her not to. Kiree got mad and said, "but i WANT TO!" Then she defiantly stuck her finger in her mouth and said, "mmmm yum!" Eww, not quite as bad as what she licked in the bathroom the other day, but still, eww.

Being at Six Flags made me want funnel cake, but of course we didn't get any there. I did find a recipe online and made some last night (I 1/3-ed the recipe). It actually turned out really well. Thanks Alton Brown for your good recipe. I might have to try it again some time I want to impress people.
I made two funnel cakes- one was more cakey, the other more crunchy and light, the only difference was how long they cooked. I was a bit sunburned.

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Jenni said...

Happy mothers day!! I love it when kids doing embarrassing things emphatically in front of strangers! Kiree is funny! Funnel cakes are my favorite! Yum!