Friday, June 25, 2010

June Kid-isms


J: I don't want to be called Jaide when I grow up.

K: when i grow up, i want to be elmo.

J: I'm going to trick robbers.

K: the fan loves me. it blows on me.

K: the sun loves me.

Wearing the tie shaped paper she'd made for Bob on father's day K: i'm a church man! i'm a church man!

Looking at the best buy ad sadly, K: i wish i had a phone.

K: i wonder if i got more pees in my butt.

K: i can read potty words! (after being asked what words she could read after she said she could read the potty book)

M: (handing Kiree a calendar she'd kept asking to see) Here, knock your socks off. K: take my socks off! (as she takes them off)

M: How'd you sleep? K: i sleeped for long weeks.

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