Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jaide's Birthday

Can you believe Jaide is six already!  We celebrated her birthday at Pump it up (an inflatable slides/bouncy house/etc place near us).  Jaide was very excited to be able to invite so many friends from school and church.  I made a pump it up cake for Jaide.  It's supposed to be the obstacle course, but I didn't have a picture for reference.  It is much simpler than the real thing.  I used the same awesome marshmallow fondant recipe I used to make Kiree's cake last year.  It turned out much better this time because I actually noticed that the standard bag of mini marshmallows I buy is smaller than what is called for in the recipe.  I ended up using a bag and a half!  

My original design had cake walls, but the walls came a tumblin' down during the crumb coat phase.  

Here's the actual obstacle course.

The kids seemed to have a great time playing and even Bob and I played a little bit too.


Then we had snacks and cake in the party room.


Jaide and some of her friends from school.

Jaide opened up some presents, she makes great excited/happy faces any time she gets a present.  It is fun to watch.

The last thing we did to celebrate on Jaide's birthday was to bunk the bunk beds.  Now that Jaide was officially six years old, she could sleep on the top bunk.

Here are a few more pictures from the day.   

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Famly riyn

One of the last days of school, Jaide brought home a book she had made called "My Summer Journal" On the front she wrote three things she was going to do this summer along with pictures. The first thing was the title of this post (family reunion). The other two things were "wach" (as in watch TV) and "swim" We've done all three so far. Earlier this month we had a family reunion with Bob's siblings, parents, one (great)grandma, and one cousin/niece. It was at Allen and Hannah's home in Albuquerque, NM. Some of the highlights included playing wii, playing cards and board games, visiting Explora (a science/children's museum), visiting the zoo, shooting off two liter bottles and straw rockets, and of course- taking some crazy family photos. I finally figured out how to make a slideshow of pictures. I hope it works for you. I'm also going to try to put in a couple of video clips, because they're awesome.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer, Anniversary, Fourth of July Weeks

It's summer! Today the high is supposed to be 104! Crazy talk.
We've been adjusting to school being out and having Jaide home with us all day. The month of June really flew by (maybe because we were so busy, we had no time to pause and reflect on it).
At the end of June, Bob and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. We celebrated by taking out our 25+ year old, messed up laminate countertops and living without a kitchen sink for several days. Actually, we did take a break from doing that and went out to dinner together without the kids.
We demo'd the countertops ourselves to save some money. We didn't realize just how much work we'd have to do to level the stupid cabinets once we got the countertops off. We knew that the old top was slanted away from the sink, but what we didn't realize that it was about one whole inch off of level at the end! We (mostly Bob) did a lot of shimming. We ended up taking one of the cabinets out and reinstalling it since it was crooked in multiple directions. Don't buy a Ryan Homes built house! I think they've been sued in multiple states, and it's not surprising.
But the next day we got our new granite countertops- shiney.

And by Friday afternoon (3 days later) we even had all the plumbing hooked up again!

We crammed a lot into the end of June, so we took the 4th of July, super extended holiday (I don't know why this year 4th of July turned into like a two week event, but whatever) to relax, somewhat.

We made much red, white, and blue food.

Of course the kids liked the white whipped cream the best.
This is what we ended up with when we told Kiree to put the waffle down and stand up, so we could see her face.
We took the kids to the kids workshop at home depot. We did a little shopping. We cooked out. We didn't see any actual fireworks, but we did give the kids some glow bracelets.

We finally did something that I wanted to do last year for Jaide's birthday. We bought a bunch of play sand and dumped it out in the back yard. I need to buy some more. But our yard was totally uneven after Bob dug a bunch of drainage trenches. We made a couple of french drains using some gravel and weed blocker fabric. Yesterday I set out the rest of the fabric that we had left over and poured out 9 bags of sand on them. I like it. It doesn't matter that the ground is totally uneven and has more weeds than grass, it's all covered up and filled in with sand!
And when Jaide saw it through the window yesterday evening (the girls were engrossed in a video while I was working on it) her "wow" made it all worth it. Maybe we'll actually go play in it when the sun goes down.
I'm thinking of setting the kiddie pool up in the top corner, partly on the sand, partly on the grass, with the slide turned to it.