Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We went camping at the Assateague Island National Seashore last week. We spent three nights there. It was our longest camping trip ever. Not mine but our family's. I found out about Assateague Island after we came back from Florida, when I was looking online for cool beaches in our area. The most notable thing about Assateague Island is the wild ponies that live there. I'd say the second most notable thing would be the enormous mosquito population. But it is a very beautiful place and we loved hanging out at the beach.

We bought a screen tent on our way down since the forecast called for scattered thunderstorms. It didn't end up raining though (at least not while we were awake), but we were very greatful to have the screen tent for eating without being eaten by bugs!
I only got a couple of pictures of the horses and these photos do not show nearly how close they came to us a few times. They work very hard to make it clear (photos, handouts, signs) that you should stay far away from the ponies since they are wild (and you need to keep food locked up too!) so I was convinced and I convinced the girls too. The ponies however have no fear of people and don't care how close they get to them. I never got any pictures when they were really close because I was too busy watching them to see what they were going to do. One time Jaide was rinsing off at the shower near the beach and one pony walked right behind her to get a drink. Fortunately we didn't end up having any problems with any of the animals (besides mosquitos and one tick- have I mentioned lately how much I hate ticks!).

The horses near our site the first night. That site was across the road from ours. That is they bayside of the island beyond the horses.

Besides the horses and insects, we also saw some deer, some rabbits, many birds, a frog, and some dolphins.
The first day we spent at the beach was overcast and not quite as warm as the second. We set out our chairs early in the morning and stayed until lunch time. We had quite a bit of beach all to ourselves. Kiree loved digging and playing in the sand. Jaide liked jumping into the waves and went out past the waves with Bob or I a couple of times. We collected lots of big, pretty shells.
Bob built a sandcastle. He also helped the girls dig a big hole.
The ocean beat me up a bit. The crashing waves hurled lots of seashells at our legs and feet and I ended up with a bleeding cut. I didn't go back in after that one until the next day. The waves also knocked us down a few times. We ended up with quite a bit of sand in our swimsuits.
The second day at the beach it was much, much sunnier and warmer. It was also much more crowded. We'd been kind of spoiled up until then. We came early and the beach went from fairly empty to pretty full by the time we left (about 4 that day). We made sandwiches for lunch on the beach. Kiree fell asleep in her chair underneath my beach towel.
We all got a bit sunburned despite our best efforts to reapply sunscreen. We had a fun trip but we were glad to get back home in time for a real shower before going to Jaide's open house at school.
This last photo is kind of funny I think because the perspective looks weird. Bob and Jaide are farther away than they look because there is actually a big drop off and then flat beach. It also looks like Kiree is making a water bottle levitate.

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Tracy said...

Oh, how fun! We camped there years ago and I want to go back now that the kids are older and will actually remember the horses and the beach. Fun pics!