Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Jersey

You know what's weird about New Jersey? They don't let you pump your own gas.

We went up to the Six Flags park in New Jersey over Bob's birthday weekend. We left Friday afternoon, checked in and had a quick dinner, then went to the park for the evening. The next morning, we got to the park a little before it opened and stayed until late lunch time before heading back home.
I think I've only ever been to an amusement park at opening time once before in my life. But this was the first time I ever got there at opening and then went to a giant playground first thing. Bob went on the tallest, fastest ride and I waited with the kids at a nearby play structure. The first actual ride I went on was a dumbo type ride. But then it was my turn to go on the tallest, fastest ride and it was fun.
I think the best part of going to the park was getting to go on rides all together. There are a lot of rides there with no height limit (or only 36" limits) with adults. And these weren't just kids rides in the kids sections.
I think a fun time was had by all.


Mahaffey Family said...

What a fun time! The first time we went to New Jersey I thought it was SO weird that we couldn't pump our own gas!

Tracy said...

Looks like fun! I would love someone to pump my gas! I think I need to drive to Jersey!