Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When you've been wondering where the summer has gone...

...it sometimes helps to consult your digital camera.
Let's see. Here we go.
Oh, yeah, I remember now. The last week in July, Bob went on a week long work trip, so the girls and I had a girls week. We went to the zoo. Baby elephants are always cute. The kids started playing with these things and then all these other kids came to play on them too. Jaide and the polar bear looked at the camera for the picture, but not Kiree.
While Bob was gone, I spent a lot of time rearranging all the art and pictures in our house. I changed frames and where things were. Here's the staircase to the basement. I think it needs a couple more pictures.
And here are a couple of pictures from last weekend. Our friend Becky got married in the DC temple and we were able to attend. Becky is Danelle's sister. She had been living with Nathan and Danelle for a few months when she met Calvin. We were at their house the day they went on their first date and little Dan-o (now 2) greeted Calvin by standing naked in the window.
Bob took all of these photos.

These next photos are from the start of cooking week way back on Monday. I've been meaning to do but too lazy to themed weeks like I sorta did last year. Cooking week may actually go off sort of like I envisioned. The girls are going to help me make dinner tonight (fingers crossed). Yesterday went pretty well. The girls helped me make spaghetti sauce (opening cans, pouring them in the big pot, stirring). Then I wanted to make cookies. Jaide wanted to watch a movie. Kiree wanted to help, but as she was sitting on the counter next to the mixing bowl and I was searching annoyedly for the baking powder, she discovered the goldfish in the cupboard. Reaching for the goldfish, she managed to knock down the bowl and make a big mess of the floor and my pants. Cooking time was over for the day and Kiree joined Jaide downstairs with the movie. I ended up making cookies by myself (with non-floor ingredients) and we later dropped most of them off to a friend who just had a baby.
Speaking of movies, the girls all of us have been enjoying watching lots of movies since we signed up for netflix again. Now we can watch them streaming on the wii. That's been fun.
And last night while Bob and I were watching some dumb movie, I managed to pull out the sewing machine again to make Jaide a really big, lined zipper pouch to put all of her school supplies in. I also fixed the straps on this one pair of sneakers she barely got to wear before the ribbon like straps got all stretched out, rendering the shoes unwearable.
Tomorrow we're finally getting around to having some friends over to play (Hey, it's been a really short summer break!) and the next couple of weeks are going to be full of stuff. Oh yeah, and then there's school.


kathy said...

Thanks for the updated quotes Meg. We all laughed pretty hard. Has Jaide been reading the Hunger Games? (they're either going to get married or sacrificed - that's a pretty good book summary)....
Nice job on the bag for Jaide's school stuff. We just made cookies today. Asher helped by staying out of the kitchen and taking a nap. :)

BrookieT said...

You are so handy! and thoughtful, and creative too!