Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Larriland Farm

Today Jaide's class went to Larriland Farm to pick apples. I wasn't picked as a chaperon (they had to do a drawing to pick) but the teacher said parents could come and meet at the farm for the picnic lunch. That worked out well for us, since I could drive and take Kiree along too. Jaide and her classmates each got to pick five apples. Kiree and I picked some apples for ourselves (Jaide and her friend helped us a bit too). We didn't get to go on the hayride, but we did meet up with Jaide for lunch. We got to see some animals and a hay maze too. Several kids yelled out "hi Jaide's mom!" during the trip. Kiree got a couple of hugs. Before we left, Kiree and I picked out some mini pumpkins and a squash for dinner at the store there. It was nice of the weather to hold out while we were there. It started to rain as we drove home. It would have been nice to get some pictures of the trip but I forgot to grab the camera. It hasn't been working super great lately anyway. I sure wish I had a cell phone with a camera, maybe I'll have to ask Santa for one.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Good News

If you're interested in all the gory details of our past couple weeks, you can read the next post down.
I think I might complain too much. So here's some of what I'm grateful for:
I really enjoyed the Relief Society Broadcast last night. Our stake always has a dinner before it and it is always fun to get dressed up and chat with friends and eat yummy food. We had chocolate last night! The talks at the broadcast were very good. I was glad that President Monson spoke. Before the conference began, I turned to my friend Danelle and said, "I wonder if President Monson is going to speak tonight." I don't think he had at RS broadcast since becoming the prophet. When the first presidency walked in Pres. Monson was holding a folder and Danelle commented on that. Then Pres. Monson opened the folder to show the audience his talk. I guess I wasn't the only one who had wondered about that.

I'm grateful for being able to chat on the phone with my sister. It always cheers me up.
I'm grateful Bob made dinner and did the dishes tonight.
I'm grateful that Bob's Mom is coming to visit this weekend and that we get to listen to General conference.

Not Quite Job, but Annoying Nonetheless

If you read my complaints posts on facebook or have talked to me lately, some of this might be old news.

The week before last, there was some kind of plumbing issue in our row of townhomes. The neighbor to the east's sump pump was going crazy pumping out tons of water when there hadn't been any rain. Ours went off too and we got a bit of water in the utility room. Throughout the week, various plumbing professionals were called in to variously turn off all the water, tear up the sidewalk, run our front hose, take over our lives, and what not. The tearing up of the sidewalk didn't reveal the problem, the problem was uphill at the end of the block. They had a bunch of water in the basement. We still have a pile of dirt/mud and a bunch of caution tape instead of a complete sidewalk to this day.

On Monday morning, I discovered the neighbor to the west had screwed bolts into and through our shared wall. At least he's now replaced the 6" bolts with 4" ones so they're not in our house any more.

Then our roomba vacuum 'wall-e' got messed up somehow and wasn't actually vacuuming up stuff, just pushing it all around the floor. Fortunately, Bob was able to get him working again.

On top of all that, we've been working on redoing the basement floor, so all the basement stuff is in the rest of the house right now. We discovered a very uneven floor with a very cruddy section (rocks, pieces of wood, etc) after pulling up the carpet, pad, and rusty tack strips. (Did I mention the tetanus shot I ended up getting?)
After caulking up cracks (and scraping and chiseling some high points and crud) we mixed up some self-leveling compound and spread it on the floor. It nearly killed our drill to do all that mixing, not to mention our respiratory systems with all that dust. I've got a really nasty sinus/cold thing now. The floor didn't end up perfect, but it's better than it was. There's now a cricket encased in our concrete. That's what you get when you get in my basement dumb cricket!
We're cautiously optimistic about getting the floor all done this week and maybe even getting the trim back up! The cases of vinyl plank flooring are downstairs acclimating right now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Kid isms

K after fake coughing: "i need sugar cause i got bless yous in my mouth."

J to K one morning: "I thought you were walk sleeping."

Grabbing a toy we bought at a thrift store K: "take this toy away, it's too fancy."

J and K singing in the bathtub: "I'm better than a pirate! I'm better than a pirate!"

J: (getting) "a dog, that would be splendid!"

Discussing breakfast K asks J: "you want sugar and brown sugar?"

Driving by a cemetery, Jaide is explaining to Kiree about cemeteries. She sees someone leaving flowers on a grave and declares, "I saw two people burying a dead body!"

The next day, going by the same cemetery. K: "i don't see anyone burying bodies"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Done Baking

Today Bob made some bread. The whole house smelled really good. We ate one whole loaf for lunch. It was really good.

After lunch, Jaide wanted to use the easy bake oven we got from some friends whose kids never really used it. We made some cookies. It doesn't make very many cookies at a time. And it's surprisingly easy to burn them. They didn't all burn though. The non-burned ones were good.

We found out today that our newest nephew (son of Bob's younger brother, Russell and his wife Jen) was born late last night. As of a couple of hours ago, they still hadn't settled on a name. A few pictures have been sent and he's a cutie. We've doubled our nephew count to a whopping two!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Potty Wars

I'm not sure what to do about the kiddo and her lack of willingness to use the potty. She seems to be able to tell when she needs to go and sometimes she even lets us know in advance. But most of the time, she'd just rather go in her diaper. If we suggest that she go potty she says she doesn't want to. When we went to Ikea on Saturday we discovered that Kiree is now tall enough to go to the play area but she can't go until she is potty trained. She was sad, but quickly got over it. She wants to go play, but she doesn't want to do what it takes (ie use the potty! now, and every time you have to go) We've tried a lot of things. Maybe I just need to wait until she wants it more. We offered to throw a party for her (she loves parties!) when she's gotten it down. But maybe that seems way too far off for her. Maybe we should have a celebration if she has one dry day or something. I don't know. We were spoiled with Jaide. sigh.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of School and the First Day Off

Jaide started first grade on Monday. She was very excited to go back to school. She still loves school.

Jaide and Kiree wore matching shirts.

The first week of school went very well. Jaide was happy. Kiree wasn't sad. It probably helped that we've had activities to do each day this week (a birthday party, a back to school party, the gym, and playgroup).

Here comes Jaide's bus, home from school.

Today is Jaide's first day off this school year. It's a teacher day or something. I really think it's just an extension of the long, labor day weekend. Maybe if we weren't so travelled out we could have gone somewhere (but just thinking and typing that has made my head hurt). Jaide, Kiree, and I went to the far away gym. I worked out while they played and then we all went swimming. Then we had lunch at Chick-fil-a. Thanks for the free kids meal coupon summer reading program!

August kid-isms

J: Kiree is true! (ie Kiree is telling the truth)

J: Mom, can I watch now, because talking to you is boring.

K: can i have a veggieroll? (referring to a tootsie roll)

K: i know how to change my own diaper

(while crossing the bay bridge on the one east bound lane on the west bound side) GPS: make a sharp left

(While we were driving to NJ) K:do you see bay-cation yet?

J: I am NOT about dolls.

J: (while playing) they're either going to get sacrificed or married.

K: a plate needs a cake on it.