Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Quite Job, but Annoying Nonetheless

If you read my complaints posts on facebook or have talked to me lately, some of this might be old news.

The week before last, there was some kind of plumbing issue in our row of townhomes. The neighbor to the east's sump pump was going crazy pumping out tons of water when there hadn't been any rain. Ours went off too and we got a bit of water in the utility room. Throughout the week, various plumbing professionals were called in to variously turn off all the water, tear up the sidewalk, run our front hose, take over our lives, and what not. The tearing up of the sidewalk didn't reveal the problem, the problem was uphill at the end of the block. They had a bunch of water in the basement. We still have a pile of dirt/mud and a bunch of caution tape instead of a complete sidewalk to this day.

On Monday morning, I discovered the neighbor to the west had screwed bolts into and through our shared wall. At least he's now replaced the 6" bolts with 4" ones so they're not in our house any more.

Then our roomba vacuum 'wall-e' got messed up somehow and wasn't actually vacuuming up stuff, just pushing it all around the floor. Fortunately, Bob was able to get him working again.

On top of all that, we've been working on redoing the basement floor, so all the basement stuff is in the rest of the house right now. We discovered a very uneven floor with a very cruddy section (rocks, pieces of wood, etc) after pulling up the carpet, pad, and rusty tack strips. (Did I mention the tetanus shot I ended up getting?)
After caulking up cracks (and scraping and chiseling some high points and crud) we mixed up some self-leveling compound and spread it on the floor. It nearly killed our drill to do all that mixing, not to mention our respiratory systems with all that dust. I've got a really nasty sinus/cold thing now. The floor didn't end up perfect, but it's better than it was. There's now a cricket encased in our concrete. That's what you get when you get in my basement dumb cricket!
We're cautiously optimistic about getting the floor all done this week and maybe even getting the trim back up! The cases of vinyl plank flooring are downstairs acclimating right now.

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BrookieT said...

Well, after all that, I am sure glad you are optimistic! I can't believe all that stuff!