Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Kid isms

K after fake coughing: "i need sugar cause i got bless yous in my mouth."

J to K one morning: "I thought you were walk sleeping."

Grabbing a toy we bought at a thrift store K: "take this toy away, it's too fancy."

J and K singing in the bathtub: "I'm better than a pirate! I'm better than a pirate!"

J: (getting) "a dog, that would be splendid!"

Discussing breakfast K asks J: "you want sugar and brown sugar?"

Driving by a cemetery, Jaide is explaining to Kiree about cemeteries. She sees someone leaving flowers on a grave and declares, "I saw two people burying a dead body!"

The next day, going by the same cemetery. K: "i don't see anyone burying bodies"