Sunday, October 10, 2010


Bob's Mom came for a visit last weekend. She was in Michigan helping Russell and Jen with their new baby. Then she visited Emily, Travis, and Alyssa in Boston. She got to come here from Boston and then headed back to Michigan to fly back home. It was a grandchildren-palooza for Grandma! The girls were super excited for a visit from "silly Grandma." We got to hang out and watch General Conference on the internet. We got the traditional Saturday Conference icecreams. Each of us picked out a half gallon of icecream. We had lots of icecream to eat. I think we still have two partial containers left at this point.
Grandma got to stay in our half finished newly refloored guest basement. It was a great motivation to get the job done! Bob and I enjoyed staying up way late and chatting with her. It was funny web chatting on Sunday with Grandpa in California and Grandma with us. The kids were very sad to see her go on Monday, but as Kiree said, "gwampas all alone" and I'm sure he was very glad to see Grandma again. I think we're all looking forward to going out to visit them next summer.

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