Saturday, November 27, 2010

And Now We Shop

I started my Thanksgiving times shopping Thanksgiving night at Michaels. I was on a mission to get a bunch of baskets for my Ikea bookcases. Thanksgiving/Black Friday seems to be the only time they are on sale while there is also a %off sale priced stuff coupon. It took like four visits to three different stores over two days, but I managed to buy 7 matching baskets (matching 2 I already had) for cheap. Woo hoo!

Later on Thanksgiving night I headed out to Toys r us with my friend Danelle. The store opened at 10. We got there about 10 minutes early. There was a looooong line. It took us over an hour to even get into the store. I guess it's good they didn't cram the place full. When we finally left, there was no more line. Sadly, I was wearing my boots instead of my sneakers and my feet hurt for two days afterward. But it wasn't all hassle. We both got what we were looking for. It was great to have a buddy at the store. One could man the shopping cart, or wait in line while the other gathered stuff or had a potty break. For the most part people were all very nice. We even saw some people from the ward. We didn't get back until like 1:30am. I didn't get to bed until like 3am.

On Friday, I was so tired I slept until 9:30. Then I rolled into some clothes and headed to Target. It was too late. Even the stuff I thought surely would still be there was gone. But they did have similar stuff that was way more expensive right near where the cheap stuff would be. Target landed on my naughty list on Friday, but it didn't last long. I guess they've built up sufficient good will with me that it covered it apparently.
After another Michaels run, I tried to go to the Children's Place outlet at the mall. There wasn't a single parking space! I wisely left and went home.
At some point we got out the Christmas decorations and put up the Christmas tree. I was tired all day.

Saturday was my Grandma's birthday. I called and wished her a happy birthday. We also shopped some more. A little online. A little more Michaels. Kiree and I shopped. Jaide and Bob shopped. Christmas presents for one another were purchased and secretively wrapped. Kiree and I scored several awesome kids books at the Goodwill (3 for $1!). I also bought some solar powered led Christmas lights to use outside. I was pleasantly surprised to find they were 20% off this weekend only! They're not as bright as we're used to, but at least we don't have to run cords through a cracked open window throughout December! We put up said lights and more of the Christmas stuff. Bob ran out in the evening to exchange one of the light things that was messed up. I put up regular old lights inside the windows.
And today is Sunday, the day of rest from shopping and decorating.

I'm sure I'll be checking out the deals online on Monday though.
But, hopefully, I'll have all my Christmas shopping done before December 1st. First time ever!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November Kid-isms

K: (at the grocery store) let's buy cows milk!

(whiny with a big frown on her face) i'm not frowning, i'm happy!

(talking about directions in the car) right is the strong way.

we are going to make pumpkin pie and eat it all up and then go to bed.

that's not impressive.

M: How long have you been poopy? K: a couple of weeks.

J: Hey, Kiree, I found a game for you. It's so easy a caveman could do it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Jaide has been learning about Thanksgiving at school. Last week, Jaide's school had a Thanksgiving feast for the first graders and their "special persons." Bob and Kiree attended that. This week was the annual Turkey Trot. Kiree and I came and cheered Jaide and her classmates on and joined them in running the last part.
Today is Thanksgiving. Yesterday I made two pies and a crust for Bob's pie. Today we're making some side dishes and Bob is making cranberry meringue pie.
This morning we got some exercise running to the library and back.
This afternoon, we'll have turkey time with some friends. Tonight I'm going shopping!
We have a lot to be thankful for. What I'm most thankful for is all of our family and friends!
Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

oh yeah!

... is something my 20 month old niece likes to say, apparently. We got to hear it quite a few times lately.
Last week my niece and her parents
(Bob's sister Emily and her husband Travis) came down for a visit.
Travis had a conference in DC and the girls tagged along.
We were glad they could come because the girls love their cousin Alyssa!
And we were glad Emily could come despite being very pregnant (one morning Kiree asked Emily why her tummy was so bumpy). We had a fun time visiting and taking a few fun outings.
The Tramily Family arrived Sunday afternoon and the girls soon got to work playing and orchestrating a "costume party."
Monday morning Travis headed down to DC where he stayed for his conference.
After getting Jaide on the bus and everyone dressed and ready to go, Kiree, Emily, Alyssa, and I headed over to Patapsco to play at the playground, take a little hike, and eat a picnic lunch.
Our hike took a bit longer than I'd expected because I'd kind of forgotten the distance and Alyssa wanted to walk pretty much the whole time.
We got our exercise in that day, walking from the swinging bridge to the Lost Lake and back.
Nearly everyone took a nap when we got back home.
Tuesday was rainy, so we hung out at home.
We made sugar cookies and decorated them when Jaide got home from school.
On Wednesday, the power had gone out overnight which resulted in lots of things beeping in the basement (sorry Emily!) and the aquarium filter ceasing to work.
We all took a little field trip to the pet store that used to be in the mall, but which is now by Costco. I thought the kids would enjoy seeing all the pet store animals. I bought a new filter and didn't realize until I'd already started putting it together that afternoon that at some point, the old one had finally kicked back on. I'm still going to replace it when we run out of it's filter cartridges though.
After the pet store we headed over to another local playground. We brought beach towels to dry any leftover rain from the slides. It was a nice day, but it was very windy. We had the place to ourselves. The girls ran and laughed and played for a long time.
In the evenings, we chatted and played games. One night we let Jaide stay up to play Clue with us. She was quite tired the next day.
On Thursday we drove down to the National Zoo. Travis met up with us since his conference was pretty much over. We got to see several things that I'd never seen before, even though we've been there a few times.

This is the only picture my dumb camera managed to take at the zoo! And I managed not to get either of the girls who were both standing right there.

The elephants were back, and I don't know how I managed to miss the zebras, cheetah, tigers, lion, and gazelles every other time I've been there. When we were finished at the zoo, I dropped the Tramilies off at a metro stop since they were all staying in DC the rest of the week.
I was really glad that Bob could come home early since we didn't get back in time to meet Jaide's bus.
Jaide had been very sad about Alyssa leaving on Thursday. She was somewhat comforted when I told her we could go down and meet them for dinner on Friday.
That's what we ended up doing.
With a little bit of trouble, we all managed to meet up at a Five Guys burger place in DC (near Gallaudet University of all places).
But we enjoyed getting to spend a little more time with them before they left.
We'll have to go visit them up in Boston some time, maybe for spring break.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Can you believe Kiree is three? Can you believe she's only been three for like a week? I made a Dora cake for Kiree last year and this year she wanted Dora again. We made some cupcakes on her birthday and then this past weekend we had a little Dora party at the state park, with no boys allowed (except for daddies). The weather was awesome! We had Dora Star cookies instead of cake.
At her 3 year old check up, Kiree was in the 50th percentile for weight and about 75th for height.
Kiree is quite the little talker these days. Her hair is still curly and strawberry blonde. Kiree is very sweet- most of the time. And she apologizes very sweetly when she hasn't been. She loves her big sister and her little cousins (all of
whom she's gotten to see this month!) It's getting harder and harder to remember what life was like without her.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little {Great} Grandma Party

My Grandma is turning 90 later this month. She wanted to have a party and we all wanted to come party with her. Some people can't get off work around Thanksgiving though, so we ended up having a Halloween time celebration.
We got a random assortment of photos from this trip on account of forgetting to bring our camera along to important events (such as the party). Maybe someone will share some of those photos.
The pic at the top of the post is from Halloween at Grandma's rehab center (recent health problems and a surgery have landed her there for a bit). In addition to our family there's Grandma, Kathy and Asher, Mom, and my Aunt Cynthia.
The drive out wasn't too bad. Bob and I switched off driving. I made the kids zip folders full of art supplies and paper. We made it all the way in one day even after starting out past 11am.
The next day, we took Grandma out and all met up at her apartment to chat and eat. The kids had a lot of fun playing together. The girls don't get to see their few cousins too often.
The next day, the three of us kids and the three grandkiddos visited Dad and went out for lunch. Our crew then headed up to Great America for Fright Fest. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the sky trek tower. They had it decked out to look like King Kong had climbed on top of it and that there were people trapped inside with a fire. It was fun, but it was cold (ya, know, it being nearly to Wisconsin and all) and the lines were fairly long, and major bummer-there was no trick or treating that day. The kids were dressed up and everything! All four of us got to go on the whizzer together though, that and the roller coaster from kiddieland.

My kids slept in a drawer closet. Due to a hotwire snafu (possibly Bob's fault) our rooms only had one bed and one reclining chair. Kiree eventually ended up in the chair, but no one slept super great. Poor Kathy called and asked if they had a crib, over the phone they said yes, then when we got there, they had no cribs!

Grandma's party was on Saturday.
The party was at Colonial Cafe in Elgin, a restaurant Grandma used to take us to frequently when we were little. It's a place famous for it's icecream kind of like Leatherby's. Grandma had all her kids, all of her grandkids, and her surviving sister at the party, along with many friends. Kiree thoroughly
enjoyed playing with her reflections in two mirrors positioned in a corner of the room we were in. Somehow Kathy ended up sitting with all the kids, sorry Kathy! Mick and Amber had flights leaving very early Sunday morning, so they decided to just stay up all night.
They came over to our room and played games for awhile.
Sunday we went to church, ate, and then visited with Grandma.
Asher was sad when his mommy took a shower and left him in the same room as that sketchy Uncle Bob guy.
Not even favorite cousin Jaide could console him.

He later learned to smile again though.
Monday we said goodbye to Mom, Kathy, and Asher and stopped by Grandma's one more time. Of course Jaide was very sad to say goodbye. We did have something to look forward to though. We took a little detour up to Ann Arbor Michigan to visit Russell, Jen, and baby Andrew. So the girls got to see another cousin! We didn't get to spend too long with them, but we did enjoy chatting with them over dinner and playing a game of yahtzee.
We even got a couple of pictures. After a night at a nice little place in Toledo, we headed home the next morning and got there by dinner time, if you can believe it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

If you're anything like me,

... you've been crazy busy lately, yet still found time to goof off on the internet.
Here's some of what I've distracted myself with lately.

My sisters in law Rosie and Becky are in India and Rosie has been blogging about their experience. Recently she and Becky made poems about all the members of the family. Even me!

Through another blog, I found a blog called unhappy hipsters. It's not quite as funny as cakewrecks, but some of the posts did literally make me lol.

You could spend hours looking through this site-

I also enjoy reading the Thrifty Decor chick's blog (and the blogs on her blogroll). It's always fun to see stuff other people have done on linky posts.