Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little {Great} Grandma Party

My Grandma is turning 90 later this month. She wanted to have a party and we all wanted to come party with her. Some people can't get off work around Thanksgiving though, so we ended up having a Halloween time celebration.
We got a random assortment of photos from this trip on account of forgetting to bring our camera along to important events (such as the party). Maybe someone will share some of those photos.
The pic at the top of the post is from Halloween at Grandma's rehab center (recent health problems and a surgery have landed her there for a bit). In addition to our family there's Grandma, Kathy and Asher, Mom, and my Aunt Cynthia.
The drive out wasn't too bad. Bob and I switched off driving. I made the kids zip folders full of art supplies and paper. We made it all the way in one day even after starting out past 11am.
The next day, we took Grandma out and all met up at her apartment to chat and eat. The kids had a lot of fun playing together. The girls don't get to see their few cousins too often.
The next day, the three of us kids and the three grandkiddos visited Dad and went out for lunch. Our crew then headed up to Great America for Fright Fest. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the sky trek tower. They had it decked out to look like King Kong had climbed on top of it and that there were people trapped inside with a fire. It was fun, but it was cold (ya, know, it being nearly to Wisconsin and all) and the lines were fairly long, and major bummer-there was no trick or treating that day. The kids were dressed up and everything! All four of us got to go on the whizzer together though, that and the roller coaster from kiddieland.

My kids slept in a drawer closet. Due to a hotwire snafu (possibly Bob's fault) our rooms only had one bed and one reclining chair. Kiree eventually ended up in the chair, but no one slept super great. Poor Kathy called and asked if they had a crib, over the phone they said yes, then when we got there, they had no cribs!

Grandma's party was on Saturday.
The party was at Colonial Cafe in Elgin, a restaurant Grandma used to take us to frequently when we were little. It's a place famous for it's icecream kind of like Leatherby's. Grandma had all her kids, all of her grandkids, and her surviving sister at the party, along with many friends. Kiree thoroughly
enjoyed playing with her reflections in two mirrors positioned in a corner of the room we were in. Somehow Kathy ended up sitting with all the kids, sorry Kathy! Mick and Amber had flights leaving very early Sunday morning, so they decided to just stay up all night.
They came over to our room and played games for awhile.
Sunday we went to church, ate, and then visited with Grandma.
Asher was sad when his mommy took a shower and left him in the same room as that sketchy Uncle Bob guy.
Not even favorite cousin Jaide could console him.

He later learned to smile again though.
Monday we said goodbye to Mom, Kathy, and Asher and stopped by Grandma's one more time. Of course Jaide was very sad to say goodbye. We did have something to look forward to though. We took a little detour up to Ann Arbor Michigan to visit Russell, Jen, and baby Andrew. So the girls got to see another cousin! We didn't get to spend too long with them, but we did enjoy chatting with them over dinner and playing a game of yahtzee.
We even got a couple of pictures. After a night at a nice little place in Toledo, we headed home the next morning and got there by dinner time, if you can believe it.


Cindy said...

Sounds like fun, except maybe for the sleeping in the closet part. So, was Russell's house really cold, or was that picture taken on the way in or out?

Meg said...

We were getting ready to go out to dinner. Their house is warm, despite it's being located in Michigan. :)

Rosie said...

That first picture reminds me of something the district president said at district conference recently. He was talking about crazy kids these days, who "have no mustache and grow hair on their chins and call it style," at which the congregation laughed really, really hard. And that made us Americans laugh.

The pictures were all great, especially the ones of Asher. It was good to see pictures of him; I haven't seen him since he was tiny.

kathy said...

Thanks for putting up the pictures. I have a bunch from the party, some even taken by Jaide, so I'll put them up soon. I didn't know Asher was THAT sad when I took a shower. Poor kid.
And Rosie, you are welcome to come see Asher any time. Except being on another continent can make that tough. :)