Sunday, December 26, 2010

December kid-isms

K: (standing outside the baby gate I put up in the kitchen) "did you know that this is a gate that keeps little people out? M: yeah K: "did you know that it keeps me out?" M: yeah

K: (after being told everyone has a skeleton) "i DON'T WANT a skeleton!

J: "You shouldn't pull down somebody's pants unless they say so."

K:(after making a mess with finger paint) "i got art on my shirt"

J:(talking about Meg's birthday) "There's no theme! The theme should be, uh... happy birthday!

K: "i know an easy way to get dressed" B: What's that? K: "first you put your shirt on, then you put your pants and socks on."

K:(after I asked her if we should tell Grandma about her intestinal distress) "it's not time for potty talk."