Friday, December 31, 2010

How'd I do in 2010

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This year I didn't do follow up posts on my goals, but I did still work on most of them ;)
I think my 2009 goals were a bit more specific and thus a little easier to work on. I think I've got some good starting points for 2011 goals.
Here's how I did

2010 goals:
Continue good habits established in 2009- I did pretty well, those things (for the most part) have pretty much become habit.

Take care of and enjoy the things I already have.

- using craft and other project supplies I already have, making use of free things (like the library for example), taking full advantage of the memberships/passes that we've already paid for, taking care of our house (improvements/maintenance)
I did work on this one. I tried very hard to use up our Christmas wrapping paper and other craft materials, for example. We went to the zoo a few times, we went to the amusement park several times. I did a lot of work on the house, but I did have to buy a lot of things in addition to what we already had.

Ask myself each day if what I'm doing is going to help us get closer to our financial goals.
I think what I had in mind here was really about evaluating how I was spending money and time. I don't know that I always did this, I tried to think about it often, but obviously I didn't go without any frivolous expenditures this past year.

Take time each day to do fun things, even if it's just for a few minutes.
I only did this a couple of times. This one was basically a fail. I bought art supplies and spent some time drawing a couple of times, but for the past several months all that has just sat in the closet and under the bed (it's not even all in one place anymore!) I think I need to lighten up some times. I put off having fun way too often.

Get to the root of my bad eating habits. Learn the principles of good nutrition and apply them in my life.
-reading nutrition text book, reading other good information from the library and online, also continuing to exercise consistently
I did really well with the learning and reading parts. I read the nutrition text book (I probably need to review it some more) and some other really good books from the library. I really recommend one called Mindless Eating, it was really interesting. I did great at putting things into practice until sometime during the summer. I just kind of backslid.

Find more opportunities to give service

-complete at least two blankets for Project Linus using yarn/fabric I already have, look for other service opportunities (especially ones I can involve the kids in)
I made one blanket but haven't donated it yet. I got involved with the PTA this school year. This Christmas we participated in some donation things above our usual getting rid of stuff donations to charities. I don't know that I really got the kids involved in service like I wanted to.

Get our emergency preparations in place

-work on our year supply of food by getting enough grain to complete 1 year long-term food storage for one person (or 3 mo for our whole family, it's the same thing).
yay! Finally one total success!

-make a will by the end of February
It didn't happen by the end of February, but it did eventually happen, although we still need to get it signed by witnesses so it's actually legal.

Projects we hope to complete in 2010

making slipcovers for our freecycle sectional couch that we did
fixing/painting the lower kitchen cabinets also done
new kitchen countertop that was done in June
new flooring on the main floor didn't do this one, but we did replace the flooring in the basement instead. We bought laminate flooring for the main floor though and we should be starting that project next month.
improving the drainage and grading of our swamp backyard We took some steps to help this out, we've got more to do back there though.
exterior painting done
some interior painting Don't know exactly to what this was referring but I definitely did some interior painting this year, and not just because the neighbor sent 6" bolts through our shared wall.


Jenni said...

You accomplished a lot in 2010! Nice! And it looks like you had a fun Christmas - I especially loved the picture of your candy cane pizza!:)

Emily Petty said...

I am super impressed, Meg! I don't even know where my list of goals are, much less what they were, or if I did them. You've inspired me for 2011!