Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Days

This past week we had our first significant snow of the season. School was cancelled on Wednesday since it was supposed to start snowing in the afternoon. It started snowing around 4 or so and didn't stop until Thursday. There was a little bit of snow Wednesday morning, but we didn't go out, we were waiting for the big snow. That's why we ended up going out in the dark while it was still snowing Wednesday night (that and because it's easier to get everyone ready and go out when Bob is home). So Wednesday morning the girls and I went through their room and got it cleaned and organized. We had a box for donations, a box of stuff to pack up and put in the attic, and the trusty old trash can. The girls weren't super excited about working for as long as we did, but the payoffs in finding "lost" toy treasures and in the end having so much room to run around in made it worth it for them. I was surprised at how long the girls wanted to stay out in the snow Wednesday night. Usually Kiree is asking to go in for hot cocoa after like a minute, but I guess making their first ever snowmen was a big enough draw for staying out.
On Thursday morning, Bob and the girls went to our nearby friend's house and shoveled out their driveway. It was another day off of school.
The girls played with their little girl and then everybody came over for some sledding behind our house. I ended up watching their friend while her mom went grocery shopping and then she watched all the girls while I went shopping (we had both meant to go shopping before the snow but didn't make it). The girls enjoyed playing most of the day with their friend. The roads were pretty clear by that point and it hadn't snowed in quite a while so activity days was still on. We had a good turnout despite the snow.
Friday there was school, but it was delayed two hours. So at this point, the last day of school will be June 21st (unless there are more snow days). It's kind of lame. I wish we could make up the days sooner by having fewer random days off between now and then, but nobody asked me.
As much fun as snow days can be, I'm kind of hoping for an early spring since I like having Jaide home in summer and it's a lot easier to paint and stuff when it's not too cold to open the window. That and I like spring and dislike being cold.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January kidisms

K: when I grow up i'm really gonna get married, and when i grow up i'm going to know how to cook and how to jump on a trampoline.
J: Not the pretend tomorrow, the real tomorrow.
K: (after seeing too many lifelock commercials) we don't leave our car unlocked...and we don't leave our money un-prah-tect-ed.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What we've been up to

We've been spending pretty much all of our time lately working on the flooring in the main floor of our house. We're nearly finished! I sure do miss having furniture in my living room though. If you'd like to read a little bit about the process you can check out the post I meant to post here but accidentally posted on my other blog link here. I'll do a whole before and after post with more of the details of what we did after we get it all put back together.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Closing Ceremonies

We decided to hold our 3rd annual Christmas Closing Ceremonies this past Friday evening. I was ready to put the Christmas stuff away. We said goodbye to our free after giftcard artificial tree which had faithfully, though increasingly sheddingly, served us these past six! Christmases. Has it really been six Christmases in this house? Yes, I counted on my fingers, it has. Most of the prelit tree light sets no longer worked and that along with the shedding and the general getting rid of stuff before we sell our house made it time for it to go. Bob took it to a recycling drop off at the dump. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures this year. We were busy trying to make new packing configurations for the Christmas stuff. I bought some red and green plastic bins at Target to replace the falling apart cardboard boxes we had been using previously. Those boxes had also gotten seriously infested with those ugly little hibernating stink bugs that are taking over the midatlantic. When we got the Christmas stuff down everything smelled like stink bug for days!
We found that the one box that we had taped completely shut was bug free, so that's what we did with everything this year. Any cardboard boxes (we were also packing up other stuff this weekend to store in the attic) got taped completely. The plastic bins got their lids taped all around.
The girls had a lot of fun playing with the Christmas stuff before it got packed. I had to ask them several times not to play with our big outdoor nativity though since baby Jesus has had to have his head crazy glued back on three times now already! That evening after stacking our Christmas boxes and trying to vacuum up all the tree droppings, we enjoyed some hot coca.
On Saturday Bob took boxes up to the attic. We also moved a lot of stuff around. We're getting ready to pull up the carpet in the living room and replace it ourselves with laminate. It's going to be a big job. The kids think it's kind of weird to have stuff moved around, but they're really liking all the empty space in the living/dining room. We temporarily have an eat in kitchen. I'm still not certain where the fish tank will go.
The past two weeks I've been working on the stairs to the basement. I removed the carpet since there won't be carpet on either end of the stairs when we're all done. Bob and I worked hard to sand and prepare the steps for staining. I've already stained every other step and we'll see how it goes with the others sometime this week, after we've moved what furniture we need to into the basement.