Sunday, February 13, 2011

So much busy for such a little month

We're still alive. We've been spending a large chunk of our time working on the house. Here's a bit of our life.

I made some art. I took these photos myself, 20 bonus points if you know where I took them at!

Lately I've been bribing Kiree with legos to go potty. She really wanted some legos and we had none before. I bought a little bucket of over 200 legos and she's been earning them one at a time. She has the little guy and the bottom portion of his car so far.

I made my own version of fake board and batten in the "dining room" This is a treatment currently popular on design/diy blogs. I just needed something to hide the fact I'm not very good at hanging wallpaper. I extended the wallpaper all the way over to the kitchen and Bob helped me cut trim (more chair rail and the screening pieces that cover the wallpaper seams). I did all the caulking, painting, and designing myself.
The end is near for the basement stairs project. I started tearing out the carpet way back in December. The only thing that's left to do (besides touching up the wall paint in that stairway) is to paint and install the false riser at the top of the stairs. I don't know why that one was different and gappier than the others. My stairs are a bit more, um, rustic? than others I've seen around, but good enough for me!
We've also been working on a lot of various other little projects. One example is this upper cabinet in the kitchen (aka the "head hurting cabinet). It is an open cabinet, and it used to be light blond wood laminate colored, so we decided to paint it to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets. We also added matching trim to make it look like the rest (this cabinet is one we got from the as-is at Ikea, the shelves are from an old bookcase). That's just primer on there now. It should get painted up this week (and I'll get to fill it back up with all the stuff that used to be in it, hopefully).
We've also finished installing the last bits of baseboard trim. I started repainting the girls room (again). Bob and I made a google document of everything we need to do to get the house ready to sell and it has over 100 entries. We're sure we missed a few too. But we've knocked out a good number this past week.

All this has been done while trying to keep things reasonably clean, feeding and clothing the family and doing church stuff (the activity days girls sure did enjoy 'heart attacking' the bishop's office door!)

We continue packing up stuff we won't need for a while. As we've worked on quieter tasks (ie no table saw or the like) we listened to The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food on CD. We've listened to/watched some movies as well. Bob and I even went on a date Friday night to see Harry Potter (we've seen every single one in the theater so far, we can't break the trend when we're so close to the end!)

I'm really glad the weather is supposed to be nice this week, not for being outside or playing, but for painting. Here's hoping we can get it all done!


Meg said...

I just have to say about the valentines window clings the girls put up on the bishop's door. There were like four sheets of them in the activity days closet. I don't know why, I just let the girls go to town with them. I didn't buy them, I have no idea why someone else did, but there you go. The girls also put a bunch of paper hearts up too after I took this picture. The paper hearts were still up today at church, but the kittens had vanished.

Cindy said...

That does sound busy. Good luck getting everything done.