Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few little things

Man am I sick of painting stuff. Our to do list is growing shorter, but it's not done yet. This week I haven't been working nearly as hard because, well frankly, you can't keep such a crazy pace indefinitely. Kiree was sick last week. So was our plumbing system. Kiree had a bug or something. The sewer pipe had a couple roots. Both caused unpleasant back ups in their hosts. This weekend I seemed to have caught whatever Kiree did. And while I didn't literally 'get sick' I haven't had my usual energy, taste for food, or will to slog through my 'homework.' It hasn't stopped me from almost daily trying to sample some chocolate though and that has caused me regret pretty much each time.
This week I'm also watching extra kids and thus not as able to bust out the sandpaper, paint, and caulk gun.
What we've got left is mostly little things for us to do. We finally got approval for our deck so now of course the people we got quotes from are all backlogged about 3 weeks out.
We got new carpet put in upstairs last Friday. Hopefully we can keep it looking good!
These pictures are a few I sent to our realtor to show her what we'd been up to. They're not the most recent. They are the powder room in the basement (we put in beadboard paneling and trimmed the mirror), the upstairs stairway (pre-new carpet, post me painting all the trim along the stairs, we also built that ledge and replaced that door), and the old dishwasher now with touched up black spray paint and previously mentioned faux metal contact paper*)
*I think it's actually duck brand shelf liner


kathy said...

that's fancy Meg. I really wish you guys did live closer so that Asher and I could come over and "help" I'd actually help. Asher might go around undoing everything I did. But at least we'd see you more often. :)
I hope you're feeling better. It's always sad when chocolate isn't the cure all you were hoping for.

Cindy said...

Get well soon, and get luck getting everything finished up.