Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Master Bedroom-basically done

I promised Kathy (my sister) some pictures.
Here's our master bedroom. The only thing I still need to do in here is touch up the paint where the carpet installers dinged it and make the
bookshelf look pretty.

Here's our "dressing area." I got the storage ottoman from target.com.

The black chair we found at the thrift store one Saturday for just $17 (everything is 25% off on Saturday at the local Salvation Army).

Yesterday I bought an inexpensive but highly rated upright vacuum and I filled up a bag (and the hose) with new carpet fuzz. Better that than stuck in Kiree's curls (as it has been), I say.
I had experience getting new carpet fuzz out of a clogged up vacuum when we visited my friend Amber last spring break at her new apartment, so it was no biggie.
Today I finished caulking up the ledge I made. I'm trying to decide if I should paint these picture frames or not. I thought of painting them white, but they are kind of uneven (cheaply made) in the corners and I'm worried painting them might make that more obvious. What do you think?


Meg said...

those pictures used to be in the girl's room, but I decided to hang a mirror in there instead (it's across from the window so it magnifies the light coming in.

kathy said...

those are nice pictures Meg. Thanks for putting them up. It's interesting to see your house, especially because I don't recognize any of your stuff. We should visit you more often (or once, at least) I wouldn't paint the frames if you think they might look funky. I think they look good now. :)

Jenni said...

Your bedroom looks so pretty and serene. Love that black chair too. You have a lovely home!

Mahaffey Family said...

I love the colors in your room! Looks great! I'm sure all your hard work will pay off!

Kim said...

Your house looks fantastic! I love those colors too! I just found your blog from Fronica's...funny:)

Jenny said...

Your house looks great, Meg! All your hard work has paid off!

Meg said...

thanks guys!