Friday, April 15, 2011

The End of our Troubles

We signed the papers to list our house a week ago today. So far we've had one showing, on Sunday during which time the next door neighbors who don't play loud music very often at all decided to blast it. It takes at least an hour and a half to leave the house in the morning- due to cleaning and setting things up *justincase* someone wants to come see it while we're gone. We turn the lights all on before we leave and turn most of them off when we're home. We're like reverse vampires! We had a small debacle with trying to replace our dishwasher. Don't buy a return, even if it's $300 off, just don't do it! It's going back on Monday when a new one will be delivered.
I guess I'm kinda naive. I thought when we finally got the house listed, I'd be done. I'd have all this free time on my hands. Hasn't happened yet. Maybe next week. Hope springs eternal! I guess like the saying goes, I didn't know which end.


Jenni said...

Best of luck in selling your house! It takes so much work! I think I've blocked out all the work we put into getting our house ready to sell last spring... But it sold.:) Hopefully yours will sell quickly!

Meg said...

Thanks! I hope so.

Mahaffey Family said...

Having your house on the market is SO hard with kids! Constant cleaning! I hope it sells soon for you, and that your neighbors keep the music to a minimum!