Sunday, April 3, 2011

March the Month in Review (Besides That)

All my posts lately have been about the house. This is probably because that's what's been on my mind and my to do list for a long time now. We did do some other stuff in March (I had to consult the my pictures folder to be sure). Here is some of that.

I finally got to be a
chaperon for one of Jaide's field trips.
We went to the Maryland Science Center.

I took Kiree to her friend's birthday party (she was so excited about
it!) Kiree got to take a turn whacking the Cinderella pinata.

We celebrated St. Patrick's day with some
naturally (and some unnaturally) green food. Good old St. Patrick's day tacos with guacamole.
And we decided to go with rainbow colored dessert- peanut m&m's.
Last weekend, we went to one of the local high schools to see a few of the kids from our ward (some that have babysat the girls) in the Sound of Music. One of the girls in our ward was Maria. When she came out at the beginning of the play, both the girls asked if she was Belle. Kiree said, "she's so beautiful."
Jaide really enjoyed the play. Kiree fell asleep before intermission.
The girls were very interested in seeing the movie so we got it from netflix on Wednesday. I had never watched the whole movie before. It has some catchy songs.

Kiree strikes a pose before the play

I almost forgot the most important development of the month! Kiree is potty trained!!! Woo Hoo!!
On Monday, I decided that we'd just try wearing undies to kidspace at the gym. She can hold it long enough for me to workout. She was so excited to be a big girl and play in the big girl area that she wanted to keep wearing undies. I took her potty before we left and then again when we got there. We stopped at the store and she went potty there after the gym. We got home and then I got distracted bringing stuff in and then the UPS guy came and she had an accident. We didn't give up though. She had three accidents the first day. Tuesday she wanted to go back to the gym. I told her if she had fewer accidents than the day before she would get 10 legos (in addition to all the m&m's she gets for going potty). She only had one accident on Tuesday. Wednesday we stayed home to work on #2 (since she'd gone in her undies Monday and hadn't gone at all Tuesday). After she went in the potty we celebrated and ran a couple errands. Since Tuesday she hasn't had any accidents. She's even been dry two out of the last three nights (we still put a diaper on for bed). We're so proud of Kiree! She is a big girl. She got to go to gym and swim at the gym on Thursday (she even waited to pee until after going swimming!) She also got to go to Smaland at Ikea with Jaide on Friday (it was a half day of school). Kiree is also going to get a mini-pillow pet. When Kiree is totally potty trained at night we'll have to have a party for her (we made a lot of bribes promises lo this last year+ of potty training).

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Mahaffey Family said...

Horray for Kiree! That's a BIG thing for both her and you! Ashlyn was happy to see her on Thursday, although was crying when I picked her up because Kiree had just left for the pool and Ashlyn didn't get to go!
We also loved watching the Sound of Music! I was so impressed with Becca-she did a great job! Although my kids have seen the movie too many times to count, and kept pointing out what was 'wrong' (or as I said: different) in the play.