Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Long May!

I never went to EFY, but I remember seeing people wearing EFY shirts that said Joy in the Journey.  This hasn't been the funnest couple of months lately, but I'm trying to find some joy in the journey right now.  In that spirit, here is what else is going on in my life right now. 
I'm looking forward to the unofficial (and official too) start of summer.  We will probably do some work around the house, and generally enjoy being together on Memorial day.  Jaide's last day of school is the 22nd. I see us making good use of the outdoor pools this summer.  The weather has already been quite summery lately. 
I've been preparing to run a 5K at Jaide's school next month.  Next month we will also have our 9th anniversary and a vacation to look forward to.  Jaide's 7th birthday will be in July and even though we probably won't get to have a big party, we will still find a fun way to mark the occasion. 
I think I will make a countdown to vacation thing tonight. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

and it's over

If you haven't been on Meg complains on the internet, aka my facebook feed lately here's what you've missed: 
May 17th we accepted an offer on our house. May 20th we put an offer in on a house, a foreclosure, still in Jaide's school district. May 23rd they countered. May 24th we countered back. Two nights ago they sent our realtor another counter that was worse than their first one. Not knowing whether they are just idiots or just being nasty, I googled the company handling it (nationstar mortgage) and discovered that they are terrible and bunch of crooks. So yay, they never accepted any of our offers. May 24th was also our buyer's home inspection. She brought her mom along and apparently mommy didn't like the house (the inspection was fine!) so she backed out yesterday morning. So there you go, not selling or buying. Probably our realtor is the saddest one about this. And we just patience on.  And we're just out those $200+ for the condo docs.  :P

Monday, May 23, 2011

One Fine Week

What an awesome week we had!  Sunday night we got an email that someone was going to be making an offer on our house.  On Monday our realtor let us know she got the offer and she presented it to us on Tuesday.  We accepted the offer and so now, if everything goes alright, we'll be closing June 27th.  We gave our realtor some addresses of houses we wanted to go and see when we met with her on Tuesday.  Wednesday night I found some more.  Thursday afternoon we went and saw three houses.  The third one was a foreclosure in Jaide's school district (the other two were in different schools).  Friday morning we put in an offer on the house in Jaide's school district.  We haven't heard back on that one yet.  Friday evening we picked up the green car from the repair shop just before it closed and then took the rental car back less than an hour before the rental place closed.  I had that rental for three weeks exactly!  We ended the week with a trip up to Dutch Wonderland amusement park on Saturday.  We met some friends up there and had a fun time riding rides and watching shows.
Will the good week spill over into this one?  Will we be homeless for a period of time?  Will our offer get accepted?  I don't know, but I sure will let everybody know once I do.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

April/May Kidisms

J: (crying and carrying on while playing wii) M: wii is supposed to be fun.
K: the night rooster kept me up last night
M: You're being disobedient Jaide. J: I'm not-ey (Jaide likes to add a y to the end of words) M: Yes, you're being naughty.
K: we went to the money bank and i got a treat

Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Car

We've ended up taking the green car in to be repaired.  The repairs weren't costly enough to merit a total loss.  The other guys' insurance company rented a car for us to drive in the mean time.  We've had it now for 18 days. I've gotten quite used to driving a new car around.  All of the features on it work and I even have a little button on the key chain to unlock the doors.  Also it's much newer and cleaner than the green car.  Maybe I will have to clean out the green car when we get it back.  I will probably have to clean out this car before we take it back.  The insurance company called last week to find out which shop we'd taken the green car to.  I guess you usually know before you get the rental car, but we had to wait a few days for their estimator guy to come and we got the rental before then.  It took a couple of days for the shop to get back to us after we took it in and we're still waiting to hear back when the car will be ready.  The girls have been enjoying driving in the "huge white car."  I've been Bob's chauffeur far more often than usual as I'm the one listed on the rental.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break- part 2

Here's the rest of the story.
We finally made it to Richmond after dark.  Bob went and got a pizza from the nearby Little Cesar's and we had dinner at bed time.  We finally got the girls to go to sleep and Bob emailed our insurance company about the accident.  I did some walking on one of the hotel's treadmills to try and combat the soreness.  Bob and I were both quite sore by that point.
The next day we went to King's Dominion (we'd already bought tickets online).  It was a bit cold and damp, but we still had a fun time.  The girls went on a lot of rides.  Bob and I didn't go on anything too fast or bumpy.  It was everyone's first time there except for me.  About sixteen years before (to the month if not the day) I had come on our big 8th grade fieldtrip to DC and King's Dominion was one of the places we visited.  They still have the Hurler roller coaster, which when I came was a Wayne's World* themed ride.  It doesn't have the theming any more, but the ride and it's name remain.
After our real life bumper car incident, Bob and I had no interest in riding on bumper cars at the park.  The girls, however, quite enjoyed riding on some kid sized bumper cars.  Kiree even drove her own little bumper car.  At first, all she managed to do was to go round and round in a circle, but eventually (with a lot of instructing from us and the ride attendant) she managed to actually drive a bit.  I'm going to include a couple of the videos I took with my phone.
Around dinner time we were ready to go home.  We ate our leftover car food for dinner on the road.  We wanted to be back for the primary baptism on Saturday.  That's where we went Saturday morning.  Saturday we also dyed Easter Eggs.
a room with TWO beds! -Kiree

one of them there tilty houses

In front of the Hurler

Lamest ride ever!  Sorry I made you go on it Jaide.  It was super slow and the attendant kept telling Jaide to hold her feet up (rather than walking along the ground like she was)

Kiree center, Jaide (back turned) upper right

Our fabulous designs
On Easter we made scalloped potatoes from scratch in the crock pot.  We had tons of it and the girls wouldn't eat it.  But Bob and I worked our way through it over the next several days (the girls missed out) The girls did get to find all of the hidden plastic Easter Eggs.  We did not risk hiding the real ones, but the did get eaten any way.

*for the youngsters, a film from the early 1990's starring Mike Myers (you know, Shrek) and Dana Carvey based on a SNL skit