Friday, May 27, 2011

and it's over

If you haven't been on Meg complains on the internet, aka my facebook feed lately here's what you've missed: 
May 17th we accepted an offer on our house. May 20th we put an offer in on a house, a foreclosure, still in Jaide's school district. May 23rd they countered. May 24th we countered back. Two nights ago they sent our realtor another counter that was worse than their first one. Not knowing whether they are just idiots or just being nasty, I googled the company handling it (nationstar mortgage) and discovered that they are terrible and bunch of crooks. So yay, they never accepted any of our offers. May 24th was also our buyer's home inspection. She brought her mom along and apparently mommy didn't like the house (the inspection was fine!) so she backed out yesterday morning. So there you go, not selling or buying. Probably our realtor is the saddest one about this. And we just patience on.  And we're just out those $200+ for the condo docs.  :P

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