Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break- part 2

Here's the rest of the story.
We finally made it to Richmond after dark.  Bob went and got a pizza from the nearby Little Cesar's and we had dinner at bed time.  We finally got the girls to go to sleep and Bob emailed our insurance company about the accident.  I did some walking on one of the hotel's treadmills to try and combat the soreness.  Bob and I were both quite sore by that point.
The next day we went to King's Dominion (we'd already bought tickets online).  It was a bit cold and damp, but we still had a fun time.  The girls went on a lot of rides.  Bob and I didn't go on anything too fast or bumpy.  It was everyone's first time there except for me.  About sixteen years before (to the month if not the day) I had come on our big 8th grade fieldtrip to DC and King's Dominion was one of the places we visited.  They still have the Hurler roller coaster, which when I came was a Wayne's World* themed ride.  It doesn't have the theming any more, but the ride and it's name remain.
After our real life bumper car incident, Bob and I had no interest in riding on bumper cars at the park.  The girls, however, quite enjoyed riding on some kid sized bumper cars.  Kiree even drove her own little bumper car.  At first, all she managed to do was to go round and round in a circle, but eventually (with a lot of instructing from us and the ride attendant) she managed to actually drive a bit.  I'm going to include a couple of the videos I took with my phone.
Around dinner time we were ready to go home.  We ate our leftover car food for dinner on the road.  We wanted to be back for the primary baptism on Saturday.  That's where we went Saturday morning.  Saturday we also dyed Easter Eggs.
a room with TWO beds! -Kiree

one of them there tilty houses

In front of the Hurler

Lamest ride ever!  Sorry I made you go on it Jaide.  It was super slow and the attendant kept telling Jaide to hold her feet up (rather than walking along the ground like she was)

Kiree center, Jaide (back turned) upper right

Our fabulous designs
On Easter we made scalloped potatoes from scratch in the crock pot.  We had tons of it and the girls wouldn't eat it.  But Bob and I worked our way through it over the next several days (the girls missed out) The girls did get to find all of the hidden plastic Easter Eggs.  We did not risk hiding the real ones, but the did get eaten any way.

*for the youngsters, a film from the early 1990's starring Mike Myers (you know, Shrek) and Dana Carvey based on a SNL skit


kathy said...

I like the pictures. Especially the lamest ride ever. It looks like it didn't go very fast from the picture (unless that was before/after it started) I'm happy your hotel room had two beds. :)

Meg said...

No, that picture was while it was going at full speed. I was happy for two beds too.