Friday, June 10, 2011

Crab Feast!

Every year Bob's company has a summer party for all of the employees and their families. We always have crabs and other food. We've neglected to bring our camera every year until this one (since now we've got phones with cameras on them!) But I still neglected to get a picture of the crabs, perhaps because eating crabs makes your hands quite messy.
Bob's company has given out a lot of t-shirts, many of which would seem to be inside jokes, but I think they're actually just things the president of the company has said in meetings. I told Bob last year that we should make fake shirts that play off those he's gotten for us girls to wear. It was hard to decide what mine would say.
One of Bob's shirts says "I wonder" Jaide's shirt says "I wander."
One of Bob's shirts says "picks fights" Kiree's shirt says "picks nose" (sadly, it's true you know).
One of Bob's shirts says "optimist" my shirt says "realist."
We had also considered "optometrist"

We had a fun time. The food was really good, and we got to go into the bay. The girls played in the sand.


Cindy said...

That's cute. The girls look quite happy.

kathy said...

I love the shirts. Did people comment on them? (Asher does his share of nose picking, too, you know). Maybe next year you'll get a picture of some crabs. :)

Meg said...

People loved the shirts. I need to share the other options we were considering, I wrote them down.

Meg said...

Here were the other ideas:
Optimist= optometrist, opportunist, occupationless, optional, occipital, occidental, archaeologist

Play/More= play/money, play/pause

Exploit me (other side)I feel vulnerable= explain me, exalt me I feel venerable