Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kayaking- a three hour tour, and the rest

I think the kayak tour was more like 4hrs actually, but close enough
One of the things we had planned to do while we were at Lake Tahoe was to take a kayak tour. We found one online that seemed fun and which included some instruction and all the equipment. They even fed us lunch! And it was tasty lunch!
Bob and I had requested a double kayak, but they ended up putting us in separate kayaks due to Bob's massive length (you had to put in how tall you are when you make reservations). Bob was in a double kayak by himself and I was in a single.

Kayaking was hard to get the hang of at first. With some help and lots and lots of practice, I started getting the hang of it. It was very fun. The lake is very pretty. There are cool things to see. We kayaked past the Thunderbird lodge. We kayaked to a different beach and had lunch.
Then we headed back. We played ultimate frisbee until one of the doubles flipped their kayak over. I would definitely kayak again. Maybe we'll end up buying some someday.
I didn't realize it until it was much too late, but I had missed a triangular patch of skin on my left leg when applying the sunscreen. It ended up burnt or dead, well, just badly burned. It hurt and hurt, then itched and itched. It also bubbled and peeled and now (over a month later) it just looks brown and splotchy.

We went out to dinner at Outback in Reno and finally used the gift card my mom gave us for Christmas.
While we were in Reno, we bought the girls some surprises at a nearby Toys R Us.

On the way back to Bob's parent's place, we stopped at the Bodie Ghost town. It was very cool. Bob thought it would be dumb and touristy. It is actually a California state park and pretty well off the beaten path. They don't let anybody take anything, so there is still loads of stuff there. We took way too many pictures.

When we got back, we had a few more days with Bob's family.  We surprised Jaide with an early surprise birthday party.  I made Jaide a sand bucket cake.  It's like dirt cups, but with vanilla pudding and crushed graham crackers.  I also found some octopus gummies and some gummy rocks.  They were very brightly colored.  Bob wouldn't let me get swedish fish.  Bob's mom surprised us all by whipping up an adorable little quilt for Jaide's sock monkey doll.
One morning we visited some adorable goats that a friend of Bob's mom raises.  Kiree was very leery of the goats (even the adorable tiny baby one!) but was slightly less so after they let her give the baby a bottle.

While we were gone, the people who wanted to buy our house managed to get all of the inspections and appraisal done.  That was quite handy.  We only had to clean insanely well once (before we left).  And since all of that went very well, we didn't have to do any more insane cleaning again (well, not until we moved out anyway).  And when we got home, we could just sleep.  Since we took a red eye home, we got in at about 6:30am (and that was eastern time, mind you and we were all still on pacific time).  We all got back on eastern time eventually.  

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BrookieT said...

i have never kayaked on Tahoe- did you feel the chilly water at all? Sounds like you had a great trip. I know exactly which Toys r Us you are talking about in Reno! I used to work near there...I am wondering why Bob wouldn't let you get swedish fish?