Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And then What Happened?

Well here is the follow up to some of what I've blogged about lately (or a while ago) and some other stuff that has happened.

The green car ended up being declared a total loss by our insurance company. We got more money than we could have sold it for (makes sense since they give you replacement cost). My friend Sara was so nice to let me use their minivan for a week while we were car-less. We went through a long and tedious process of trying to decide what car to buy. Used cars around here are over priced! Bob had this whole spread sheet thing going on. We went to carmax and looked at cars. That knocked the Toyota Highlander off our list (the third row is a joke!). We narrowed it down to the Toyota Sienna (minivan) and the Honda Pilot (suv). They both had the ability to seat eight (not that we're going to fill up that many seats with our own children, thank you very much, but we would like to be able to transport friends and visitors, and STUFF). Bob's calculations gave him the bright idea that a new car might be a better value than a used car. How is that possible? Ask Bob. I think it has to do with the low mileage- thus extra years of having the car and the better gas mileage of the newer cars. Bob requested price quotes from all sorts of dealers and thus we got gazillions of calls from car sales people. We're still getting occasional calls. We test drove two new siennas and a new pilot. We got one quote for a 2012 pilot that was very very low (who knows what it would have gotten jacked up to, but...) Bob really liked the sienna after the first test drive. He was impressed with the features in the LE. I really liked driving the pilot. It felt very comfortable and more like a car to me. We thought either would work. I finally decided I'd go with Bob on the sienna because for one- it had more storage space when you're using the third row (or when the third row is folded in) and two- I thought it was less likely to get me car jacked. Who car jacks a mini van? We ended up buying a blue sienna (Bob really wanted a blue car- silly boy!) I'm happy enough. Bob seemed a little bummed driving it on Saturday. He was the one originally who didn't want to get a mini van. We cleaned out the garage so now we can both park there! I have to fold in one of the rear view mirrors to get the van in, but hey, at least it fits!

Earlier this month Kiree started preschool. She LOVES it! Three of her friends from church are in her class. I had my first time as a coop parent and it was fun. The kids are pretty hilarious. My next coop day is on a field trip day, so that should be fun. I'm glad to have a car to drive for that (and for other purposes).

Jaide is still enjoying school. She has a field trip today and her first day of Brownies after school. I think she's going to sell Girl Scout Cookies this year.

I posted some pics of the new house here.

This Friday I'm taking the GRE. Why? Well, because it was half off in August and September and Friday was the last possible day to do it for half price. But why? Well, some day I think I might do more school. I'm not sure what or when, but I guess we'll see. We'll have to see how well I can cram all the high school math I forgot back into my head before Friday. Yes, it's high school math. And it's making me feel like an idiot.


kathy said...

Hey, good luck on the GRE today. Somehow I managed to talk to you twice this week & forgot to say that both times. You'll have to tell me what it was like, since I've heard it's different than it was when I took it. The verbal was the scary part. The math wasn't so bad (although I had forgotten a bunch)

BrookieT said...

I am excited for you and the new car and all the new exciting things happening for you. The house pics are looking good!