Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Fun

Last month we went to Medieval Times with Bob's work. The kids seemed to enjoy it despite it going quite late. Jaide didn't want to watch the fighting parts, but liked the other parts. It sure was a lot of meat to eat. At least they gave us a doggie bag for the girl's food. We brought home the equivalent of a whole roasted chicken. I turned it into soup.
We were in the red and yellow section. That's the same section my family was in when we went to the one outside Chicago when I was a kid. Does the show always turn out the same way? It's possible.

Last Saturday Bob and the girls went to the Ravens' stadium for a fun event. It was an "All Pro Dad" event that the Just for Dad's group at Jaide's school attended. They got goodie bags with mini footballs and coloring books.
Bob got to kick a field goal from the 20 yard line. He won a gift card for making it. They got a nice photo that I had to take a picture of with my phone. Darn fragile scanners that break the first time you ever drop them on the floor!

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