Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Other People's Houses

We're still getting auto-email updates on the houses for sale in our old neighborhood from our realtor. It's kind of interesting to see what's happening with our former competition (only two houses in our association have sold this year, including ours) and the new listings. Eventually this link won't work any more since they are under contract now, but I thought it might be interesting to share a house very similar to our old one to show how someone else made the floor plan work. I think they might have done a better job than we did, but someone (the sellers or the previous sellers) must have spent a lot 'o moola.
I was impressed that they managed to add a half bath on the main floor (where the closet in our house was) and a full bath to the basement (we had a half bath) without it looking ridiculous (I've seen other listings that looked like they added a big box with a toilet in it to the middle of their kitchen and other such nonsense)
This house listed right after our offer on the house we bought was accepted. I think the kids would have loved this house (it has a pool!) It's a beautiful house and it was priced well. If they had listed sooner, we might have bought it!
The two other houses we put offers on finally closed, so we got see what they ended up going for. The foreclosure house closed way, way, way, way after it went under contract. I'm sure that shady bank got lots of $100 per day past closing fees from the poor sap who bought that house. The sale price ended up being more than the list (perhaps due to all those shady fees?) The other house that we felt was overpriced held out and got more than they countered to us for. It was a nice house but it was not all that. Congrats to the new owners of the most expensive, old house in the neighborhood. Hope you don't have to sell any time soon!

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