Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Boy!

I went in for my detailed anatomy ultrasound on the 17th. Since my appointment was at 9am, we ended up bringing both the girls. They were very excited. Jaide guessed the baby was a boy. Kiree guessed the baby was a girl. Bob had also guessed girl and I had refused to officially guess since I have always guessed wrong. Very quickly I saw something on the ultrasound that looked kinda boyish. The technician got some views of the heart and then she showed us the little bottom. Sure enough, it was a boy. Kiree seemed to think that if the tech kept looking she would see that was a girl, but no, we told her, it was a boy and it was always a boy, we just didn't know until then. Jaide was happy to be right. Kiree was sad and then inconsolable. Bob had to take her outside for a while to calm down. Jaide stayed with me and wondered why we were still looking at the baby since we had already found out the gender. They have to look at all the baby's parts to see if he's healthy, I told her. That's the reason for the ultrasound, not just to find out the gender. Jaide was very interested in watching the rest of the ultrasound and she got very good at figuring out what parts of the baby were on the screen. The baby looked very good and is measuring right on with my dates, so he should be born no later than April 12th. The girls each got a print out of the picture of the baby's profile. That probably was the best picture and we ended up with four pretty much identical copies of it. No print out of the little boy shot though, so you'll just have to take our word for it.

one of the baby's legs and foot and a cross section of the other leg, ultrasounds make some creepy images some times.

When I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks, the technician remarked, "look at those long arms and legs!" They did look quite long. Bob wasn't there that time.
Maybe if he had been, it wouldn't have been so surprising. I'm scheduled to have one more ultrasound at 28wks. So far I've had a total of three this pregnancy. With Kiree, I had 13. I'm happy to not be needing so many this time around.

speaking of creepy pics, here is one of the baby's hand (center) and face (right)


C2 women's group said...

Wow, Meg!! Can't wait to meet the little fella. Welcome to the mothers-of-boys club ;)

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