Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up

My phone battery was dying so we sadly didn't get any pictures at the ward trunk or treat, but I debuted my Halloween costume there.

That same day was Kiree's preschool Halloween party and parade.

On Halloween Jaide's school had a parade.
It was difficult to see everybody and I couldn't get a good picture of Jaide.
I hope they do it differently next year. Jaide's class had a party that afternoon. I couldn't help out with it since I had to pick up Kiree from preschool right in the middle of it.

The girls wanted pizza shaped like a pumpkin for dinner on Halloween.

Bob carved the last pumpkin we hadn't carved yet quickly before dinner. I
drew the design on it and he carved.

Bob took the girls trick or treating and I handed out candy.
There was a hospitality table set up at one of the neighbors' house. We had several trick or treaters but still ended up with quite a bit of candy left over. Between that and the girls' hauls from trunk or treat and trick or treating, we have a lot of candy in the house. I'm trying to resist temptation since sugar and I don't seem to be getting along as well as we used to. Today we take down the Halloween decorations and start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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rj said...

We love the radio active looking pumpkin pizza!