Monday, November 7, 2011

Hershey's Chocolate World

Somebody's having a birthday tomorrow. In her honor, we went to Hershey's Chocolate World on Saturday. In Hershey, PA, near Hershey Park, they have a pseudo factory where people can go and learn about chocolate and spend money. We had fun. The tour is free. It's like a ride that takes you through how chocolate is made and it has singing animatronic cows! You get candy at the end. It was like cookies and cream balls, which the kids didn't like too much, but that didn't stop us from going on the ride, er tour twice.
We had lunch in the food court. Kiree and I had soup. I think my broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl was the best lunch of the bunch. Kiree had cream of tomato soup that tasted like the sauce in canned ravioli. Bob and Jaide had pizza and it turned out to be more than they wanted to eat.
The girls were very excited to see the Reese's guy. Jaide wanted a Reese's stuffed toy but we said no since she has a few million stuffed animals already.
I printed out coupons from the Hershey site, so we got a buy one get one free hot cocoa. That was pretty good too. Another coupon we had was for the chocolate tasting adventure, so we decided to do that too.
It was fun, we got to try five different kinds of chocolate plus some chocolate milk.

I learned that it takes 10 days to make regular chocolate and even longer for the fancy kind. At the end we all got "masters in chocolate tasting" from "Hershey University." The kids were excited, or hyper, it was hard to tell at that point. We then took these pics outside before heading home.

I had the bright idea of bringing the girls'
Halloween candy along to preempt the inevitable desire of the kids for us to buy them candy. A lot of the candy they had is Hershey's any way, so there you go. It was handy on the ride up (it did take long weeks to get there) but it got melty in the car (cold outside, hot in the car) and ended up in the trunk for the ride hom


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