Friday, December 30, 2011

late 2011 kidisms

K: why are guys that are getting married called brooms?
K: my peach! (her bellybutton)
J: I thought of a way I could make money, like a lot, like $100. Next year we get to pick an instrument and I think I want to play the flute. Then I could go outside and play the flute and put a hat out and get money.
K: daddy can never have a baby inside him, he's just a man.
After I cleaned up the office and showed the girls J: Now Daddy can sleep in this room and he doesn't have to share with you. M: Daddy's not going to sleep in here. J: If you have your own room you can put up posters and do what you want. M: Daddy likes sharing a room with me and you could put up posters in your room now if you wanted (she and Kiree share a room). K: I think Daddy likes to sleep with Mommy.
Jaide and Kiree trying to make a profile for Kiree on her new Nickelodeon fit wii game. J: How much does Kiree weigh? M: (tells them to go upstairs and use the scale). J: Kiree weighs 888. M: No, you have to step on it, then off until it says 0, then you can weigh yourself. (the girls go up and try again). J: Yeah, Kiree weighs 888.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Card

A Look Back at 2011- What a year it's been!

The year started with...
a mad dash to get the house ready to sell
we started looking at houses
we listed our house for sale
and then...
we got rear ended and thought the car might be totaled, but the repairs were just under the max$$
we got an offer on our house that fell through
we nearly gave up on trying to sell the house
but then...
we got another offer
we went to California and celebrated our 10th anniversary a year early
we sold the house (4 months after we listed)
we were homeless for two weeks at our friend's place
and that was when...
there was an earthquake
we bought the first house we saw (it was also the 17th house out of 18 and the 3rd house we offered on)
we moved in the weekend of the hurricane
immediately after that...
Jaide started 2nd grade and now we walk to school
shortly after that...
at Kiree's preschool orientation, the remnants of another hurricane flooded the parking lot and my car
Kiree started preschool
the car was, in fact, totaled this time
we bought a minivan
we celebrated our first holidays here- Labor Day/7th anniversary of moving to MD, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas too
oh, and also...
we found out we're having a baby boy due in April
Bob kicked a field goal at the Raven's field during a dads and kids event (he won a gift card).
Meg finally started painting and still hopes to get the rest of the kitchen wallpaper removed before the end of time.
Jaide started Brownies, read the first several Harry Potter books, and is above grade level in math and reading this year.
Kiree talked the ears off of any and everyone who'd listen to her, she loves preschool and can't wait until 2013 when she gets to go to elementary school with Jaide.
It's been a crazy, but good year.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November Round Up

And here's the rest of November:

I got to go with Kiree on her preschool field trip to a farm. We went on a hayride and learned about pilgrims.
Kiree got to go up and demonstrate what pilgrim girls did. It was freezing, freezing cold! We were all happy to leave at the end. Kiree and her friend I drove both fell asleep on the ride back.

Kiree's preschool had a pancake breakfast fundraiser at Appleby's one Saturday morning. As a member of the fundraising committee, I got to help out with plating pancakes and busing tables. It was fun. We also all ate some pancakes.

The Monday before Thanksgiving was the turkey trot at Jaide's school. Kiree was very excited about it. Part of it is on the path from school toward our house. Kiree ran the first part with Jaide (just around the field).
I'm happy Jaide was willing to go a lot slower than she could have to stick with her sister.

Thanksgiving was just the four of us. I wanted to go for a hike at the state park that morning, but we ended up sleeping in and then spending the rest of the day cooking. Bob stayed in his PJs all day long! Jaide and I were going to go to Michael's Thanksgiving night, but Jaide decided to stay home and play wii. I went and bought lots of yarn and some stuff for Activity Day. Bob and I did some black Friday shopping separately. I got to take the kids with me. I went to Walmart at about 8:30am and all the sheet sets that had been on sale were gone. There were piles of TVs still however. I just bought some ornaments. The girls went with a friend and her mom to see the Muppet movie that afternoon and in the evening we took family photos at Target. They had a black Friday deal where you could get a CD of all the pictures for $49.99. That's what we got.

Saturday we finally went on our hike at the state park. The girls did very well.
We hiked the paved trail from the swinging bridge to the one end and back. Next time I think we'll bring the girls bikes.

We put up the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. It's a brand new pre-lit tree and one row of branches doesn't light. Bob has been trying unsuccessfully to get it fixed. The company that made the tree has now sent us two replacement sections, neither of which fit into the bottom part of our tree. Today it looks like they sent us a new top piece. I think we're going to end up with a whole new tree at this rate. We've been slowly putting up all the Christmas stuff and I've been painting the family room.