Friday, December 30, 2011

late 2011 kidisms

K: why are guys that are getting married called brooms?
K: my peach! (her bellybutton)
J: I thought of a way I could make money, like a lot, like $100. Next year we get to pick an instrument and I think I want to play the flute. Then I could go outside and play the flute and put a hat out and get money.
K: daddy can never have a baby inside him, he's just a man.
After I cleaned up the office and showed the girls J: Now Daddy can sleep in this room and he doesn't have to share with you. M: Daddy's not going to sleep in here. J: If you have your own room you can put up posters and do what you want. M: Daddy likes sharing a room with me and you could put up posters in your room now if you wanted (she and Kiree share a room). K: I think Daddy likes to sleep with Mommy.
Jaide and Kiree trying to make a profile for Kiree on her new Nickelodeon fit wii game. J: How much does Kiree weigh? M: (tells them to go upstairs and use the scale). J: Kiree weighs 888. M: No, you have to step on it, then off until it says 0, then you can weigh yourself. (the girls go up and try again). J: Yeah, Kiree weighs 888.

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