Sunday, January 29, 2012

So Tired: A stream of conscious recap of January

It's hard to believe January is almost over. I've been keeping pretty busy despite my lack of blogging. With some help from Bob (and occasionally the kids) I've been getting the last of the wallpaper off the kitchen walls. I've even managed to patch and prime a few of them. It's amazing how long it has taken to get it all off. It's like three layers, fugly shiny top part, papery bottom part, and gluey sticky mess bits.
Kiree is in a co-op preschool this year which she really enjoys, but I'm looking forward to having her in a regular preschool next year. I've enjoyed getting to be in the class with her on occasion and I don't mind bringing snacks and helping clean up. I'm just really tired of being on the fundraising committee. I don't want to beg for stuff from local businesses for the basket bingo any more. I don't want to go to the basket bingo, but I'll do these things. It'll all be over soon, then I can fret about throwing parties and trying to get my kitchen all painted before my parties.
My belly grows larger and larger. I think my belly button (or peach as Kiree would say) is going outtie this time. Kiree is obsessed with belly buttons. It's handy though as a distraction when she's whiny or angry or whatever. I just ask her something about her peach and she's gotta stop whatever she's doing to check out her belly button (or my belly button, or Jaide's or daddy's). The girls are really excited to meet their little brother. The Night Rooster is kicking and poking me frequently. Jaide and Bob have felt him kick lots of times. Kiree, I don't think, understands what she is supposed to be feeling. She always just says she can't feel any thing. She also half heartedly freaks out any morning she sees me take my shot. "You're going to poke the baby!" she says, sometimes with more conviction than other times. And every time I tell her that I'm not going to, that the needle is way too short, and that it only goes in the skin/fat and that there's lots of fat, muscle, and tissues between the outside of my skin and the baby. Sometimes I also go into the whole I need to take this medicine to make sure the baby and I both stay healthy thing. Kiree came along with me for another ultrasound at 28 weeks and we had the same technician we had at 20 weeks. After I said something to Kiree about not being sad this time the technician said that she remembered us. Kiree's reaction to finding out the baby was a boy was pretty memorable. I have to/get to go in for weekly ultrasounds starting at 36 weeks.
Bob and I (okay, mostly Bob) put together the crib yesterday. We bought a new one since the old one had been patched up by us multiple times, still was kind of broken, probably would have been recalled if the company who made it was still in business (a very similar crib was recalled), had plastic parts and a drop side (which nowadays are no nos), and we ended up destroying it to get it out of the house before we listed. I wanted to put the new crib up to help me figure out where to put things in the baby room. It's much sturdier than the old one and looks pretty good despite the couple of dings and uneven finish in parts (good old made in China quality!) well it wasn't too expensive any way. We also got a car seat (we got rid of the old infant seat too, but it was 3 point harness which both the girls figured out how to slip out of at around 9 months). The new car seat is gray with Mickey Mouse on it. It's one of the few infant seats I've ever seen that actually seems gender neutral and it fits into the second base I bought at the nearly new sale for the old carseat. Since I last bought any baby buckets, Graco started making infant carriers that can hold babies up to like 35lbs. I don't know how that is a useful feature, unless you're going to leave the seat in your car all the time. Those darn things start getting to heavy to schlep around before the kid even hits 20lbs. And my kids take forever to even get to 20lbs. Kiree is like barely 35lbs and she's 4! So our new carseat is like the old one (so it can fit in the old extra base, the new ones have different bases :P) and only goes up to 22lbs, which is fine by me. I'm fan of good old, cheap Cosco convertible seats once the baby buckets are no longer useful. I'm sure we'll buy another one of those when the time comes. Kiree's rear facing convertible seat got tossed after our car accident. She has a forward facing to booster one now.
The weather has been crazy. Freezing one day, in the 6o's other days. We had one snow that stuck, topped with a nice layer of freezing rain. It wasn't much, but the kids were thrilled. Bob and I were thrilled that we have a fenced backyard and that the kids are old enough to go play in it by themselves (and for lots of windows facing the back yard so we could keep an eye on them). I've been crocheting a lot lately. I made lots of hats for Christmas and now I'm making lots of blankets for baby season. It would probably be easier to make all the same, but I'd be too bored to finish. I had planned to specialize making those hats, but making different hats seemed like it would be more fun. I'm not very good at making my own patterns, but I don't like having to follow a pattern, so I've made a lot of variations on a couple of patterns so far.
We're starting to plan a family reunion and Jaide's birthday and baptism this summer. It'd be good to have as much stuff planned as I can before the baby's born. Not everything can be though. I'll just be happy if I can get my painting list finished and get the house a bit better organized.

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