Monday, February 13, 2012

Basket Bingo

On Saturday, Kiree's preschool had their basket bingo. Bingo is not really our thing, but I'm on the fundraising committee and I was helping out, so we all went. Bob and Jaide played bingo. Kiree bounced around between where they were sitting and where I was sitting (near the door selling raffle tickets). Jaide won a lucky neighbor prize (she was sitting next to someone who won a bingo), a cookbook the preschool had made last year, a journal set, a large bar of fancy soap, and lunch box note cards. Jaide was really excited about the cookbook.
They had all the baskets on display and the girls were really excited about one that had games in it.

It had a little mini bowling set in it that I had donated out of my personal kid prize stash. The girls really wanted that silly thing, which made me feel a little bad until I thought about what would have happened if I'd given it to them. I'm sure they would have loved it for a little while and then I would have been stepping on tiny bowling pins until I got fed up and threw them away.
It was interesting to watch the hardcore bingo ladies play.

I think bingo could make an interesting subject for a documentary.

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Emily Petty said...

I would watch that documentary. At least that's one more fundraising function done! Good work.