Friday, March 30, 2012

Guess the Birthdate

In our family we like patterns and trying to find patterns in various events. Predicting when babies will be born is no different. Join us now in trying to predict when the Night Rooster will make his debut. The only problem with all our patterns is that many of them are conflicting. It's much easier to decide which patterns the data fit after the fact, but if you're lucky and guess correctly you get the glory of being right!

Pattern#1 All my babies have been born on the due date I calculated, however, all those dates were at least 1 day earlier than the dates my doctors were going by (Kiree's was nearly two weeks before the doctors thought my due date was). The doctors agree with my dates for this baby and they want to induce me a week early. So this one isn't looking too likely. April 12th

Pattern #2 All my babies have been born the day before one of Bob's siblings' birthday. Bob's sister Emily's birthday is April 4th, so this would leave us with April 3rd.

Pattern #3 My water broke with Jaide right after I finished my visiting teaching and she was born the next morning. I finished my visiting teaching for this month on Wednesday, so we know this one isn't going to be it. March 29th

Pattern #4 My water broke with Kiree the same day that I had a doctor's appointment in the morning where they set up an induction date, she was born the next day. They scheduled my induction date today. March 31st

Pattern #5 My water broke with Kiree while Bob's mom was flying out here. Bob's sister flew out last night and while I had a lot of contractions yesterday, no water breakage or baby, so another dud pattern. March 30th

Pattern #6 Jaide was born on a Wednesday, Kiree was born on a Thursday, could the baby be born on a Friday? March 30th or April 6th

Pattern #7 Everyone in our family has a birthday that falls on an even day of the year in non leap years. This is Bob's crazy pattern, ask him what that means for your predictions, because I'm not sure. I think that would mean the baby would be born on an odd day of the year this year???

Other info to consider:
The girls are hoping for an April fools day baby. My induction is scheduled for early morning April 5th. The baby has a cousin whose birthday is April 6th. My friend Danelle who is two weeks ahead of me still hasn't had her baby (she'll be induced this Monday if the baby doesn't come over the weekend) and she joked months ago that she might go late and I'd go early and beat her to it. The last thing I have scheduled to do is to take Kiree to the eye doctor the morning of April 2nd. At my appointment today I measured 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.
The baby is very active and very low (I think he likes the protection my pelvis provides him from sisterly overlove and accidental beatings).
So there you go. Comment amongst yourselves. The glory of being right on the internet is at stake!


Cindy said...

I'm going to go with pattern #2 and say April 3.

And you know, April 2 isn't too early to do your April visiting teaching. :)

Meg said...

I suppose that's true although my companion already said she'd go on her own for April. I think the people I visit wouldn't go for early visits either (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it;)

kathy said...

Well, there goes my guess of April 9th. Every time the phone rings I expect it to be you calling to say you've had the baby.
I'll vote for April Fool's baby, just so you can experience conference labor. (Apparently it's like regular labor, only with conference playing in the background.)
Also, just to add to your pattern, didn't you have Jaide the day after mom moved to UT? It seems she hadn't been here for long, anyway.

Meg said...

Both of the girls prayed tonight that the baby will come tomorrow. And then I immediately had a contraction. We'll see I guess. Jaide is hoping I have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. I don't know why that is necessary. I think she just wants Bob and I out of the house so it's just her, Kiree, and Rosie

h51773 said...

I'm with Cindy April 3rd...

Meg said...

Added a picture taken this morning. No baby yet of course. The girls have patted my belly a couple of times and said, "baby, come out today!"

Mom said...

You'll probably go to the hospital tonight & have the baby tomorrow, April 2.
btw, I arrived in Utah the 17th of July & Jaide was born on the 21st.