Thursday, April 5, 2012

new baby

Guest Blogger Bob:

The baby was born at 7:56PM EST on Thursday, 5 Apr 2012. He weighed 7 pounds and 9 ounces and he is 21.75 inches long. Sorry for the incorrect details in the previous post.

For the rest of the story:

Thursday we had some blueberry pancakes Meg made. Evidently she forgot to put butter on them, but didn't realize it for eight or nine hours. They were still pretty tasty for a last meal. We called/were called by the hospital around 1/2 hour before our scheduled induction to tell us to wait. They didn't have room for us in the inn at the moment, but due to Meg's medications they might be able to get us in later. At 7:30 they said we could come in. We went to the hospital and visited with some friends that had a baby on Tuesday while they were checking us in / getting the room ready.

Meg started on Pitocin not too long afterwards. After getting plugged in (IVs, baby monitoring devices, etc.) we did several laps of labor and delivery. Evidently their wireless monitoring has gaps so we then we walked up and down the hallways. After a while they thought even that was a bit spotty so we went back to the room and plugged in. Then we watched a show for a while. After that Meg tried to take a nap.

The rest is a bit hazy . . . because it hasn't happened yet. I wrote up the story before the baby was born so we could get it out earlier. Hopefully nothing too exciting happens . . .


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Oh yeah, don't forget to post his name. ;)

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congrats! look at that big footprint too!