Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jaide and Kiree

I can't neglect to blog about the girls.  It's hard to be a big sister.  Babies take a lot of time.  The girls have been good helpers though.  Jaide likes to help with Luke a lot.  She's a very helpful girl.  She helped Bob when he cleaned out the dryer vent (it goes nearly the entire length of our house, through the attic and it had a bird nest in it, among other things, well, mostly lint).  Jaide held the ladder for Bob.  

Before Luke was born, we signed Jaide up for a volleyball class.  The last of the six weekly classes was this Monday.  Bob has been the one taking her.  It's hard to get places with a little baby.  I did make it to one class and took this picture.  The parents helped out with the class.  Bob and Kiree are helping in this picture.  Kiree wanted to go to the rest of Jaide's classes after that one.  Luke didn't.  

Jaide has been in an enrichment program called Wild About Words at school this year.  Two weeks ago they had an enrichment fair to show what they've been doing.  It was supposed to be activity day at church, but the building was closed due to redoing the gym floor, so I got to go see Jaide present at the fair.  

Kiree likes "helping" with Luke.  Mostly she likes to kiss and grab him.  She thinks it's great when he wakes up!  On Sunday both the girls wanted to give Luke a bottle of milk I pumped.  They did a good job working together.  

The Friday before Mother's day, Kiree's preschool had a Mother's Day celebration.  They performed for us, gave us t-shirts they had decorated and a butterfly sculpture.  They also gave us a treat.  

Before Luke was born, Kiree was "Top Dog" at preschool.  I never got around to blogging about it.  The Top Dog gets to make a book all about him or herself and present it at the end of the week.  Kiree was very excited about it.  

The school year is winding down and I'm looking forward to the summer.  Hopefully the girls will have fun and we'll start getting into a routine with Lukey.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Luke Pictures

Luke is a growing boy.  Bob calls him a hungry teenage baby.  He has been pretty consistently waking up to eat at about midnight, between 1 and 3, 4, and 6 am.  We will sleep eventually.  Evening/ dinner time is cranky time when all he wants to do is eat.  Luke has rolled over from tummy to back once.  He wasn't too happy when I put him back on his tummy again for more tummy time.  Bob and the girls made a mii for Luke on the wii so he could do baby stats on wii fit.  According to the wii, Luke weighs 9.2lbs.  Here are some pictures.

Luke' first bath.

Luke looks a lot like Kiree when he's asleep.

He looks a lot like Jaide when he's nursing, I don't have pictures of that.  I'll have to find some other pictures.

Kiree got the chance to give Luke a bottle of milk I pumped.

Kiree is always trying to kiss Luke.  Look at that long leg and foot!

Here is Luke on his one month birthday.  He seems to have grown bigger over night.  I'll have to take more pics, he's outgrowing his newborn clothes.

a little smile

Monday, May 7, 2012

January to April 2012 kid-isms

M: (looking at the picture Jaide drew during church of what looked like people coming out of the ground) Is that a picture of the resurrection or zombies? J: Zombies!
K: Daddy is my fun house!
K: Let's play nice together like real pirates do.
B: What's this world coming to? J: The end.
K: When I was outside walking on the grass with no shoes on I saw a bird. I talked to it but it didn't believe me.
K: Once I sneezed and you didn't answer
K: ability cord = umbilical cord
K: No one can escape my smartness.
K: (showing 3 day old Luke his 3D ultrasound picture) Here's a picture of you when you were a baby.
Commenting on the two edible arrangements we received after the baby was born K: Why did people send this? The baby can't even eat it.
J: How can it be bedtime, there are brownies over there.
Commenting on the brownies she was eating, brownies which Sister Ladle made J: These brownies are not poisoned. M: How do you know? J: They taste good. K: Sister Ladle never has poison.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Visitors 3 Home 5

We had some visitors lately.  Bob's sister Rosie came out to help us with the baby.  She was here from the end of March until the 1st of May.  She was a great help to us.  The girls miss her and want to send her boxes of random drawings and trinkets, but we're mean and haven't let them yet.  
Here are some pictures of Rosie folk dancing with Luke and the girls.  We think Luke likes folk dancing, at least it made him stop crying.  

Bob's younger brother and his wife had a baby boy two weeks after we did.  Bob's mom went to Michigan to help them.  Since she was "in the neighborhood" of the eastern US, she decided to make brief stops at our place and to Bob's sister in Boston on her way back home.  Bob's mom is currently the only one who has seen all of the R. family grandkids/cousins.  Rosie is in second place having seen 7 out of 8.  We heard this week though that there will be a ninth in November!  I knew 2012 would be a big year for babies!  Luke is going to have so many cousins close in age! 

Now we've had a grand total of 3 family visitors since we've moved.  We're very much looking forward to having a reunion with Bob's family this summer, right here, at our very own house.  And we might have a few more visitors from my family come out for Jaide's baptism and Luke's blessing this summer too.