Monday, May 7, 2012

January to April 2012 kid-isms

M: (looking at the picture Jaide drew during church of what looked like people coming out of the ground) Is that a picture of the resurrection or zombies? J: Zombies!
K: Daddy is my fun house!
K: Let's play nice together like real pirates do.
B: What's this world coming to? J: The end.
K: When I was outside walking on the grass with no shoes on I saw a bird. I talked to it but it didn't believe me.
K: Once I sneezed and you didn't answer
K: ability cord = umbilical cord
K: No one can escape my smartness.
K: (showing 3 day old Luke his 3D ultrasound picture) Here's a picture of you when you were a baby.
Commenting on the two edible arrangements we received after the baby was born K: Why did people send this? The baby can't even eat it.
J: How can it be bedtime, there are brownies over there.
Commenting on the brownies she was eating, brownies which Sister Ladle made J: These brownies are not poisoned. M: How do you know? J: They taste good. K: Sister Ladle never has poison.

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