Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Luke Pictures

Luke is a growing boy.  Bob calls him a hungry teenage baby.  He has been pretty consistently waking up to eat at about midnight, between 1 and 3, 4, and 6 am.  We will sleep eventually.  Evening/ dinner time is cranky time when all he wants to do is eat.  Luke has rolled over from tummy to back once.  He wasn't too happy when I put him back on his tummy again for more tummy time.  Bob and the girls made a mii for Luke on the wii so he could do baby stats on wii fit.  According to the wii, Luke weighs 9.2lbs.  Here are some pictures.

Luke' first bath.

Luke looks a lot like Kiree when he's asleep.

He looks a lot like Jaide when he's nursing, I don't have pictures of that.  I'll have to find some other pictures.

Kiree got the chance to give Luke a bottle of milk I pumped.

Kiree is always trying to kiss Luke.  Look at that long leg and foot!

Here is Luke on his one month birthday.  He seems to have grown bigger over night.  I'll have to take more pics, he's outgrowing his newborn clothes.

a little smile


Cindy said...

Looks like he's taking after his dad already, with the long legs and everything.

h51773 said...

Those are some crazy long legs. It sounds like he and Madelyn have the same new born eating schedule. Now Madelyn out eats me at every meal.