Saturday, May 5, 2012

Visitors 3 Home 5

We had some visitors lately.  Bob's sister Rosie came out to help us with the baby.  She was here from the end of March until the 1st of May.  She was a great help to us.  The girls miss her and want to send her boxes of random drawings and trinkets, but we're mean and haven't let them yet.  
Here are some pictures of Rosie folk dancing with Luke and the girls.  We think Luke likes folk dancing, at least it made him stop crying.  

Bob's younger brother and his wife had a baby boy two weeks after we did.  Bob's mom went to Michigan to help them.  Since she was "in the neighborhood" of the eastern US, she decided to make brief stops at our place and to Bob's sister in Boston on her way back home.  Bob's mom is currently the only one who has seen all of the R. family grandkids/cousins.  Rosie is in second place having seen 7 out of 8.  We heard this week though that there will be a ninth in November!  I knew 2012 would be a big year for babies!  Luke is going to have so many cousins close in age! 

Now we've had a grand total of 3 family visitors since we've moved.  We're very much looking forward to having a reunion with Bob's family this summer, right here, at our very own house.  And we might have a few more visitors from my family come out for Jaide's baptism and Luke's blessing this summer too.  

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