Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School's over lady

I only managed to get one picture of the girls on the last day of school.  They're wearing matching "hooray for summer" shirts.  The last day of school was a busy day.  I ended up taking Luke and having lunch with Kiree at the last day of her preschool camp while Bob picked Jaide up from her last day of school.

There was supposed to be a cooking class for the girls that night, but after being once postponed, it ended up cancelled a few hours before.  One of Kiree's buddies was signed up for the cooking class too, and she ended up coming over to play with her mom and her little brother, Luke's buddy.  Look at those cuties, they're just 2 months apart.  

I'm thinking Lukey is going to have brown eyes.  They're still kind of murky colored right now.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Luke is 2 months!

Luke hit two months yesterday.  According to the wii fit baby stats, Luke is about 11.5lbs.  We'll get the official naked baby weight Friday at his check up.  Luke's head is growing faster than his hair (like Kiree's did) though his is darker and shows up better in pictures.  Luke is still a hungry boy.   The best ways to get Luke to sleep (for now anyways) seem to be nursing him, rocking him, carrying him around in the baby bucket, taking him for a walk outside in the sling, or holding him while vacuuming.  Here are some pictures.  The first two were on Sunday before church.  The rest were taken yesterday.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Kiree still has another year to go before kindergarten- thanks to a late fall birthday- but she got to "graduate" from preschool this past week.  Kiree was in the four year old class with her buddies headed off to kindergarten in the fall.  Kiree will be attending the preschool at our elementary school this fall, so it was a goodbye for her too.
It was more of a to do than I was expecting.  They had gowns to wear along with caps and stoles the kids made.  Kiree's drew a picture of me feeding Luke on the top of her cap (that's what she told me anyway).

There was a banner in front with silhouettes of all the kids.

Luke and I were the only ones from our family who got to come, Jaide was at school and Bob had something at work.  Luke only cried some of the time.

The kids came in by twos to pomp and circumstance.  Their teacher talked about what they had done that year and shared some of what the kids had said about what they learned from and what they liked about preschool. There were also a few songs performed by the kids.  Each of the kids got called up to receive a certificate. 
After the ceremony we all got to enjoy a sampling of the kids' favorite snacks from throughout the year.  This being a coop school, we had to bring the food.  We brought blueberry muffins.

Kiree with her teachers.

We will miss them, but not not until after next week.  Kiree is going to be doing a week long camp at the preschool this week.  After Friday, summer vacation begins for everyone!