Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School's over lady

I only managed to get one picture of the girls on the last day of school.  They're wearing matching "hooray for summer" shirts.  The last day of school was a busy day.  I ended up taking Luke and having lunch with Kiree at the last day of her preschool camp while Bob picked Jaide up from her last day of school.

There was supposed to be a cooking class for the girls that night, but after being once postponed, it ended up cancelled a few hours before.  One of Kiree's buddies was signed up for the cooking class too, and she ended up coming over to play with her mom and her little brother, Luke's buddy.  Look at those cuties, they're just 2 months apart.  

I'm thinking Lukey is going to have brown eyes.  They're still kind of murky colored right now.

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