Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bob and his daughter, Bob and his son

The primary baptism day for July just happened to be on Jaide's birthday.  The other family with a kid turning 8 in July decided to wait until next month, so Jaide was the only one getting baptized that day.
It was a special day which started out memorably (not exactly in a good way).  I was up late making cookies and then had to make frosting and frost cookies and cupcakes in the morning.  It was hard to get everyone ready to go on time.  Jaide decided after getting dressed in her white dress to open up a bottle of nail polish she got from one of her friends for her birthday.  She got it on her dress.  Bob's mom tried to get it out, but it didn't come out.  Fortunately, I had bought two dresses in two different sizes.  Jaide ended up wearing the bigger dress.  In our rush to get out the door (we still ended up being late, but so was everyone else) we forgot to grab a towel or dry undies for Jaide.  I had to make due with the random stuff we had in the trunk of the van (bright orange undies).  I thought I had a hair thing in the diaper bag, but no I didn't.  I found an elastic tag in the bathroom and used that to hold the end of Jaide's braid after the baptism.
But despite the craziness, it was a wonderful, spiritual day.  Bob's mom gave the talk on baptism.  My mom gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  We sang Jaide's favorite primary song, When I am Baptized.  Bob's dad and I gave the prayers and Luke stayed asleep the whole time.  Bob baptized Jaide and confirmed her along with his dad, our home teachers, and some friends.

Originally we had planned to have Luke's blessing the Sunday after Jaide's baptism.  We ended up deciding to have it the week before, during the family reunion so that Bob's brothers and brother in law could participate.  It was nice to have it be it's own thing and it was nice to not have any other things to have to worry about after the reunion, Jaide's party, and her baptism.  I was tired.  Luke, Kiree, and I all ended up with a cold.  Luke and I stayed home the Sunday after Jaide's baptism.  Everybody seems to be doing better now.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jaide's birthday

Jaide is eight.  Isn't that crazy!  She has been so excited to turn eight.  The day after the family reunion ended, we had a party for Jaide's birthday.  Bob's parents were still here and my mom had flown in Thursday night.  Two of Jaide's aunts got bumped from their flights Thursday night, so they got to stay for the party too.  It was a huge help to have extra people to get things ready and to run activities at the party!  Jaide has been enjoying reading the first 5 Harry Potter books (and watching those movies) and she asked to have a Harry Potter party.  We made it a day at Hogwarts, with several mini classes and Harry Potter themed snacks.  Bob's mom made the chocolate frogs (filled with marshmallow fluff, yum!), sewed house buntings out of the felt I bought, and made pumpkin pasties.  My mom helped run some of the classes and took the kids from class to class.  Cindy and Becky helped me make wands the night before (Rosie also helped even though her flight left early Friday morning) and they helped out with some of the classes as well.  Bob did the potions class and along with his dad and Becky, helped the older kids do the divination class mad libs.  
Choosing wands

or does the wand choose you?

Transfiguration class
Cauldron cakes (or cupcakes served in cauldrons)

I'm planning to post a little more about the party details on my other blog.

Family Reunion

It's been a whirlwind kind of month this month.  We hosted a family reunion for Bob's side of the family.  We totalled 21 people.  16 of which stayed at our house.  8 of those 16 were the total of the grandkids (there were only three with two on the way at the last reunion!  #9 is due in November).  Our kids are #'s 1,2, and 7 respectively.  Three of the kids were nursery age, three were younger than nursery age, with two of that number being 3months old. So, in other words, we had a pretty young group.  But we still did a bunch of  stuff.  Here is what we did in brief outline form and in pictures in no particular order.

Thursday- people came, chatting, laughing, I had activity day that night
Friday- grocery shopping, playing around the house, wii (other days too), bottle rocket
Saturday- National zoo
Sunday- church, Luke's blessing, board/card games (other days too), family photo
Monday- kiddie pools and slip n slide, homemade rootbeer
Tuesday- Patapsco state park
Wednesday- White House tour, Air and Space Museum
Thursday- building antennas, seeing people off, preparing for Jaide's birthday party

Shooting off 2 liter bottles

watching the bottle rocket

Watching the lions at the national zoo

Travis' reaction to all the pandas being inside

Group photo in a nearby drainage ditch

Crazy photo

behind the scenes

Our family of 5 on Luke's blessing day (Luke's in a different outfit than what he wore to church).  He pooped his blessing outfit, and it barely fit him, probably should have gotten a pic before church.

Each night the previous night's dinner makers did a presentation.  The sisters gave all the kiddos books.

Grandpa was at a disadvantage in the baby carrying wii contest

Travis competes in the baby carrying wii contest

Grandpa did well at golf without any "baby" carrying

We had one more stroller than is pictured, we were something at the zoo that day

The almost 2 year olds

Jaide pushes a cousin

our photographer on Sunday

the older cousins helped with the younger ones

They were cute cousin buds

the trampoline was a hit
We added a slide to old Red Beard's Ship

Who knew it would take 3 hours to float the Patapsco from the swinging bridge to  the playground area?

Smoothies during our very hot day in DC

I think this one's from Travis' camera

And the crazy version
I didn't take any of the photos of the kids in the river, but I'm glad Cindy and Rosie? and Travis? did.

cameras aren't allowed in the White House, but cellphones are, so as soon as we got outside, everyone with a camera on their phone started taking pics (these pics I did take)

Cindy looking presidential

I probably would have waited to get a pic of everyone but Luke was screaming by this point 

Jaide really wanted to feed the ducks and their babies.  We  had a picnic lunch here after our White House tour.

Bob and his nephew that looks a bit like he did at that age at the Air and Space museum.  He called Bob "Bob Bob"

We finally got to use our slip n slide

and all our wading pools

making root beer with dry ice

this pool doesn't stay up too well on slopey ground

I was there

I didn't take any of the rest of these photos (and several of the previous ones)

it wouldn't be a family reunion without games (not pictured, lengthy discussions about games)

Yes, these pictures are in no particular order!

"Uncle Allen knows about everything that flies" at the Air and Space Museum

I think it went pretty well.  Thanks everyone for letting me sleep in several of the days, making dinner, doing the dishes, and cleaning up!