Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 Years and Counting

Our family is 10 years old!  Bob and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past week by hanging out as a family.  Figuring we'd likely have a new little one this year, we went on a trip last year.  Bob took the day off of work and we made waffles for breakfast, got things done around the house, and kept forgetting that it wasn't Saturday.  We ordered pizza hut for dinner (ooh, la la, right?) before Jaide and I went to activity day at church.  Jaide isn't officially part of activity day until mid July, but I let her come this week because we were fake camping. 
Here's a blurry picture of the tent we set up inside, some of the girls set up chairs as an obstacle course (I don't know why)
 Jaide missed the day they fake camped in 1st grade because she was sick, so she wanted to come along for this.  It will be fun to have her at activity day.  
I think the name of the game the girls were playing here was dead fish or something like that

The Saturday before our anniversary was the annual crab feast hosted by Bob's company.  It was once again at the place just over they bay bridge, which we all enjoy.  Kiree had been excited to eat a crab, but she didn't actually eat much of it.  Jaide was kind of interested in looking at the crabs, but mostly grossed out by them.  She doesn't even like to eat "cows" these days.  Bacon is a different story.  Kind of like this.  This year they had a magician and a band.  The part the girls liked the best of course was the little beach and swimming in the bay.  Luke and I didn't go swimming.  Luke was very happy hanging out in the breezy shade and kicking the strap of the diaper bag, and occasionally nursing.

Luke kickin' it

That long haired girl on the right is Jaide, Kiree is one of the girls in the water.

This hat used to be Kiree's

I think it's a bit big for Luke right now

Bob off in the distance.

Two weeks ago, Kiree started swim lessons for the first time.  She is really excited about it and she's doing pretty well.  I got a couple of pictures last week.  Her hair always looks super cute after swimming, well, once it air dries anyway, you'll have to take my word for it.

It's hard to believe June is over!
Here are some more pictures of Luke.
If you ever wondered what the back of Luke's head looks like

All three of the kids have worn these pajamas

Jaide was helping me try to get pics of him smiling this morning (7/1)

Super baby!


Cindy said...

Happy anniversary! Luke is looking really cute these days. Is fake camping a new thing, or is it an East coast thing? I never heard of it when I was younger. But it sounds like fun, as do swim lessons.

Meg said...

Thanks Cindy! I agree about Luke, he's a little cutie. So fun that you'll get to meet him next week! The first graders at Jaide's school have a camping unit at the end of each year where they learn about camping and some of the parents bring in tents and stuff so they can pretend to be camping. Jaide missed the day that they made smores. I'm not sure what else they did. I call it fake camping for lack of a better term, I guess it could also be indoor camping, but we didn't spend the night at the church or anything.