Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jaide's birthday

Jaide is eight.  Isn't that crazy!  She has been so excited to turn eight.  The day after the family reunion ended, we had a party for Jaide's birthday.  Bob's parents were still here and my mom had flown in Thursday night.  Two of Jaide's aunts got bumped from their flights Thursday night, so they got to stay for the party too.  It was a huge help to have extra people to get things ready and to run activities at the party!  Jaide has been enjoying reading the first 5 Harry Potter books (and watching those movies) and she asked to have a Harry Potter party.  We made it a day at Hogwarts, with several mini classes and Harry Potter themed snacks.  Bob's mom made the chocolate frogs (filled with marshmallow fluff, yum!), sewed house buntings out of the felt I bought, and made pumpkin pasties.  My mom helped run some of the classes and took the kids from class to class.  Cindy and Becky helped me make wands the night before (Rosie also helped even though her flight left early Friday morning) and they helped out with some of the classes as well.  Bob did the potions class and along with his dad and Becky, helped the older kids do the divination class mad libs.  
Choosing wands

or does the wand choose you?

Transfiguration class
Cauldron cakes (or cupcakes served in cauldrons)

I'm planning to post a little more about the party details on my other blog.

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