Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Flew By and a bunch of pictures of Luke

Luke discovered how to grab his feet recently

A Jaide face

A Kiree face

Tasty success, I mean, um, yuck
August has been busy and now it's nearly over!  Kiree finished her swim lessons and passed to the next level (everyone did).  We all had dentist appointments, Kiree and Jaide visited the eye doctor, and Jaide and I got haircuts.  Jaide got a trim and I got my hair cut to chin length.  Jaide is at that age where she really likes long hair and she told me my haircut looked bad.
We celebrated Bob's birthday this month and that same week took a day trip to Assateague Island for some beach fun and some crazy horses.
Bob had a birthday

and some icecream cake

I just thought these pics were cute.

Like enormous furry ducks, these horses came a looking for people food on the beach.  They snatched those people's bag of chips and a loaf of bread, opened them, and ate them.  They came sniffing around our stuff, but I didn't let the one knock the cooler over.   They hung around thuggishly trying to menace us and the other folks.  

making sand castles

Beach baby 

Tile floor defeats stoneware pan.  Yet another victory for tile floor.  

Lukey in his walker which we purchased earlier this month.  Making an Uncle Mick/Grammy face there.
This past week we found out who Jaide's teacher will be and went to the open house at school.  This year the third graders are downstairs.  Monday is the first day of school.  Kiree's preschool starts on the 5th.


Cindy said...

Cute pictures of Luke!

I don't think Bob's cake has enough candles. :)

Mom said...

"Uncle Mick/Grammy face"? um, well I guess you're right.

Meg said...

Yes, Cindy, we couldn't put that many candles on. It would have melted the icecream. Mom, it reminds me of pictures of Mickey as a baby or you as a baby (you guys' baby pics look a lot a like).