Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Last week Jaide had her first day of third grade.  So far she's really enjoying it.  One of her best friends from last year is in her class and some of her other friends are in her class or math class too.  This year, the third graders are on the bottom floor.  This year Jaide will also get to start learning an instrument.  

I used to think it was funny to have school start for a week and then have the labor day holiday.  This year I was ready for that long weekend.  I'm not sure why the first week of school seemed so long to me, but it probably has something to do with not having a set schedule yet with Luke and having to be places at specific times every day after a couple months of not having to.  Also walking up the hill to school and back in the heat is a little tiring too.  I need to get back in shape!

Today was Kiree's first day of her last year of preschool.  Last year she went to a coop preschool.  Since that school's cut-offs were at the end of the year, she got to be with her friends who are all in kindergarten this year.  This year we decided to put her in the preschool at the elementary school.  It's a longer day and not a coop.  Jaide went to preschool there when she was four but it's a different teacher now.  I got to talk briefly with Kiree's teacher today and she said that she was really good and very independent.  Her teacher last year said she was ready for kindergarten at our meeting halfway through the year.  Kiree was the youngest in her class last year and might be the oldest this year. It will probably be a good thing for Kiree to get to be the 'older kid' though.  She's used to being with kids older than her. Kiree's school this year has only ten kids.  Half are the younger kids who only stay half the time on Monday and Wednesday.  That may be part of why it seems like she's bigger than the other kids.   
Kiree was super excited to go to school and she loved it.  

Last year, after forgetting to make Jaide a lunch (twice!) I started making lunches (or at least sandwiches) for the week on Sunday night.  This year I bought these ziplock divided containers for the girls lunches (they came in sets of two and I needed exactly 8 for a weeks worth!)  So far they've been awesome!  I love being able to assembly line it on Sunday night and not having to use a million baggies.  The girls have been more interested in helping pack lunches with these too and they make it easier to be more creative.  Not that I've been all that creative yet, but I've got ideas.  

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Jenny said...

I've been using those ziploc divided containers this year, too. I'm loving it, and the boys are liking their lunches more, too. I bought two packages. The boys have one set at school with them, then I use the second set to make their lunches at the same time I make mine and Henry's every day. The dirty ones go in the dishwasher when they get home and lunch for the next day goes straight into their lunch boxes. No more bedtime lunchmaking!